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Carson Kievman, INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, the Surrender of Self in Mystical Contemplation


INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, the Surrender of Self in Mystical Contemplation


Carson Kievman, Fairy Tales, Songs of the Dandelion Woman
"Idyllic World," "Delayed Reaction" & "Destination"
from "Fairy Tales, Songs of the Dandelion Woman" - May 2014


Fairy Tales, Songs of the Dandelion Woman
Vidual clips and music examples - May 2014

Video Credit Christopher Kievman

Olivier Messiaen, Quartet for the End of Time (Excerpts) - May 2013

Video Credit Raniero Tazzi

Yana Eminova and Milana Strezeva in Benefit Concert for SoBe Arts April 20, 2013

Yana Eminova Benefit
Photo Credit Raniero Tazzi

Mozart Serenade by Candlelight Live at SoBe Arts January 19, 2013
Adagio from Serenade No. 10 in Bb

Video Credit Raniero Tazzi

Carson Kievman's HAMLET. Highlights (w/ subtitles) from the world premiere of a staged concert version of HAMLET Soundtheater/Opera at SoBe Arts' Little Stage Theater, Miami Beach, February 24 - March 11, 2012. The final commission by legendary theatrical producer Joseph Papp for the Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival (1987-91) but never performed due to Papp's passing in 1991. {Note: For this production the singers were accompanied by digital piano and/or midi realization instead of instrumental orchestrations]

Excerpts w/ subtitles "To Thine Ownself Be True," "To Be Or Not To Be," "Forgive Me, My Foul Murder,"
"X-Rated," "Occasions (Bloody Thoughts)," "Valentine's Day," "Naked Hamlet," "Goodnight Sweet Prince."

Mozart Serenade by Candlelight live at SoBe Arts - January 19, 2013
Andante from Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major K. 467

Photo Credit Raniero Tazzi

Tales of Power (Excerpts) Live from SoBe Arts - May 5-15, 2011

Preview of our astonishing 2011/12 Season & American Masterworks String Festival Preview

Hamlet (Soundtheater/opera) Information Preview & Review our amazing 2010-11 Season

SoBe Arts Tunes N' Toons from Sleepless Night Miami Beach 2009

Selected Excerpts from SoBe Arts Events

Tomáš Loewy, Photographer


Tales of Power

Last Moments

Ancient Voices

Reception w/ artists after "Beautiful Dreamers" American Masterworks concert at SoBe Arts 02/25/2011
American Song
Graham Fandrei, Carson Kievman, Rebekah Diaz & Adam Chefitz

SoBe Arts Staged Reading of Acapulco

Evan Handler at SoBe Arts

Evan and Nadia
David Ramos, Photographer

Entire Cast of Acapulco (L to R: Brian McCormack, Amy McKenna, Elayne Wilks,
Evan Handler, Nadia Dajani, Glen Lawrence, Ryan George)

Acapulco Cast
David Ramos, Photographer

SoBe Arts Fundraising Party on Palm Island

SoBe Arts Palm Island Video (Spanish Language)
Palm Island 1 - Palm Island 2
SoBe Arts on Palm Island October 2, 2010 (Photo credits: David Ramos / Tomas Loewy)

Angel Steinway Chopin - Robert Steinway Chopin
SoBe Arts at Steinway Gallery - Chopin Celebration September 2010 (Photo Credit: Carl Kruse)

Angel - pool
SoBe Arts at Riviera South Beach July 2010

krusevillekids - kruseville
SoBe Arts at Kruseville May 2010 (Photo Credits: Tomas Loewy / David Ramos)

twelfth1 - twelfth2
"Twelfth Night" - Little Stage Theater @ SoBe Arts - March/April 2010

cabaret - cabaret2
"Grand Opening Cabaret" - Little Stage Theater @ SoBe Arts - January 2010

- outsidebohemian
Bohemian Pentameter - November17/2009
bugs1 - teddytunes
TUNE N' TOONS a quasi qwazy pre-dawn extravaganza of cartoons & live music. SoBe Arts at Sleepless Night - November 8/2009
starving1 - insidesobe
Starving Angels April 17, 2009
rothko7b - rothko17b - kohlem1
rothko chapel miami beach multimedia concert event (& kohlem exhibition) - music & art 11/30 to 12/7/2008
carsondido1 - rebekahdido1
Dido & Aeneas concert - music & literature 11/14/2008
- musicunites1 - music unites2
inside music: baroque concert 5/9/2008 - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - music unites: peruvian music & culture 5/10/2008
baroque3 - matti
city of miami beach art in the parks concert: flamingo park 10/6/2007 & Flute Class poses with Mayor Bower
maxtaichi - guitar - eboneee


On Stage with Iris Acker (Interview with Executice Artistic Dir.)

MB Culture interview with Executive Artistic Director & MBTV77 story on Grand Opening of SoBe Arts' Little Stage Theater

Excerpts from Twelfth Night and Multimedia Cabare & SoBe Arts Music Unites, Bollywood Girls Performance

SSoBe Arts at Kruseville May 2010 Tomas Loewy - SoBe Arts Palm Island Fundraiser, Oct 2010 (Spanish language)

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