13 As the lucky number for the world press photo exhibition

13 as the lucky number for the world press photo exhibition

The world-press-photo (WPP)-exhibition becomes the 13. Time in a row in the town hall kitzingen shown. 4548 photographers from 125 countries took part in the 2018 competition. The jury had to choose from 73,044 entries. The exhibition with 162 winning pictures opens on monday, 11 a.M. February, and lasts until the 9. March (daily 10 am to 7 pm, free admission). Questions to the organizer volkmar rohrig from mainstockheim.

Question: from where and when do the images come?

Volkmar rohrig: they stand until 8 p.M. Saturday in magdeburg, the state capital of saxony-anhalt. After that we will dismantle, be in kitzingen around 2 a.M. On sunday, sleep for a few hours and then start the reconstruction.

Where exactly were the pictures that come to kitzingen to see before?


Rohrig: before that they made guest appearances in rotterdam in the netherlands, dar es salaam in tanzania and algiers in algeria. In germany, the photos were in berlin and hamburg.

How long does the construction take?

Rohrig: normally six to seven hours. But sunday is the ceremonial opening at 3 p.M., so we have to be ready by 2 p.M. – a sporting task.

The revelation is always special because…

Rohrig: …She will never be routine, never be without limelight fever. It already starts when the first guests of honor expectantly meet the new photos. This year eugen ehmann, the president of the government of lower franconia, opens the exhibition. From the foundation in amsterdam comes for the first time the curator sophie boshouwers. And with joshua rupley we have an outstanding pianist, who has already inspired and won prizes all over europe and america.

Do you already have a favorite motif?

Rohrig: i have many favorite pictures. I find a photo series about schoolgirls learning to swim in zanzibar particularly impressive and touching – even though they are forbidden to do so by their religion. Kitzingen is quite close to the world – because we also have discussions about swimming and sports lessons for muslim children.

What are you particularly looking forward to?

Rohrig: to the resonance of the kitzinger and visitors.

Briefly about the supporting program…

Rohrigit is again varied and interesting with at least two evening events per week of the exhibition.

Who would like a guided tour…

Rohrig: …Unfortunately, this question has to be deleted, because I'm still in the current exhibition tour until mid april, but I'm already in the next one, which starts right after that. And in order to satisfy all requests – last year there were up to three trips a day – i was able to live in the town hall during the exhibition. But there are for interested teachers on thursday, 14. February, from 7 p.M. An introduction to the exhibition, how to use it for guided tours and lessons.

Murder and manslaughter are on the rise again in the world – is every picture showable?

Rohrig: our information and communication possibilities have developed rapidly. What used to happen far away and hardly affected us, suddenly enters our living rooms, our consciousness, touches us. How close the world is to us and we are one with it, this exhibition illustrates with wonderful photos, but also with shattering . As adults, we cannot and should not evade either of these; each of these images can be shown for this purpose. However, there is again a separate part of the exhibition in the gewolbekeller under the rathaushalle, which is not suitable for children and young people. All in all, the photos with "hard facts" have become quantitatively fewer.

Last time a text-false flew at the "spiegel" on – how can one be "more false in pictures"? Check out?

Rohrig: world-press-photo requires a legend for every photo submission, i.E. Exact details of the place, time, event, circumstances as well as witnesses and supporting documents for it. A team checks all the information and photos over weeks and often does the research itself. So far also fakes were recognized and naturally excluded. Even during an exhibition, visitors have unmasked false ones. They were immediately stripped of their prizes, the fakes removed from the exhibition and informed about it worldwide. Such "photographers" have finished and ruined themselves with it. And for world-press-photo they are blocked for life.

What do you admire about professional photographers??

Rohrig: in all the previous award winners whose photos i know: their commitment, their purposefulness, their track, their professional ethics, their sense of communication and need, often also their willingness to take risks, which is never reckless – but has so far also cost some people their lives because they were killed. They are our eyes into the near and far world, without them we were more ignorant, perhaps also more insensitive.

What distinguishes the kitzingen town hall??

Rohrig: it is a unique exhibition location for WPP: elsewhere there are huge cultural centers, crude, desecrated churches or endless shopping malls. In this respect, the town hall is also a challenge, namely to find an exhibition concept that does justice to both the photos and the visitors in a relatively limited space each time.

Question 13 about exhibition 13 – what do you associate with the number??

Rohrig: it is the 13. WPP-exhibition in kitzingen – so a lucky number for city and visitors!

How many visitors do you expect?

Rohrig: with at least 20 000. Then can kitzingen this year the total 250 000. World-press-photo-visitors buried.


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