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30-Year-old middle school in baiersdorf can be renovated

Should the baiersdorf middle school be renovated as a school association school or completely rebuilt?? How is the broadband expansion to be implemented in poxdorf?? The poxdorf town council had to take a position on these questions at its meeting.

Seven communities belong to the baiersdorf school association: baiersdorf, bubenreuth, effeltrich, langensendelbach, marloffstein, mohrendorf and poxdorf. In the decision-making meetings, the municipalities are represented by the mayors. In recent years, there have often been disputes about the high school association levy that the communities have to pay for the rent of the school and the gymnasium as well as for the maintenance costs. It was calculated according to the number of school children coming from the municipalities. In the summer of 2018, the owners’ association then consisting of the municipalities of baiersdorf, bubenreuth and mohrendorf offered the four other association members to include them in the group of school owners. This eliminated the high rental costs; however, the new co-owners also agreed to share future costs for a general renovation of the school building, which is more than 30 years old. It was agreed on the conclusion of a hereditary lease agreement.


The previous community of owners was indemnified by the payment of two million euros. Based on the number of schools at the time, poxdorf had 87,000 students.000 euro to be paid. In the meantime, the renovation has become more urgent. According to the mayor of poxdorf, paul steins (CSU), it is clear that the heating system, the sanitary facilities and the windows need to be renewed and that a lot needs to be done, especially in terms of fire protection. But, according to the architectural firm babler and lodde (furth), the school can be renovated, and the estimated costs were estimated at about 8.300.000 euros.

Advantage of the renovation

One advantage of the renovation is that the current layout of the classrooms can be maintained and is also required. In the case of a new building, smaller room sizes are prescribed for the classrooms; accordingly, the subsidy is also smaller. For a new building no cost estimate is available yet. A projection made on the basis of the square meters resulted in demandable costs of 10.600.000 euro. In any case, the architects’ office came to the conclusion that the estimated costs of renovation represent about 78 percent of the notional costs of new construction.

The municipality of poxdorf will have to contribute to the costs of renovation or new construction in proportion to the number of students it sends to the middle school in baiersdorf. Therefore, mayor steins asked the city council for a recommendation with regard to the vote to be taken at the next school association meeting on 3. December will hand in. In his opinion, the rehabilitation should be linked to the condition that its financing is secured by a long-term loan. This credit is to be taken by the school association as a whole body. The council unanimously accepted the proposed resolution.

The broadband expansion

At a meeting at the end of september, the parish council decided to include the agenda item "how to proceed with broadband expansion" in the agenda to be postponed, so that all rates could seek further information. Alexander rauh presented a multi-page evaluation paper in which he compared the services of deutsche glasfaser (DG), telekom and M-net on the basis of information available on the internet, including the rates for initial and follow-up contracts, the quality of service and construction, and the bandwidth. Overall, the DG performed better than telekom. The company had also informed the administration in writing that it would not be operating its own fiber-optic expansion in the rural area of effeltrich/poxdorf at present or in the next two to three years. Alexander rauh also spoke on the phone with the mayor of the municipality of tuchenbach in the district of furth. DG had carried out the broadband expansion there. The people of tuchenbach were very satisfied with the progress of the expansion and the quality of the construction work.

Mayor steins recalled that the DG will only accept the contract if it succeeds in winning over 40 percent of the citizens for the project during its three-month information campaign. Since the proportion of citizens over 60 years of age in poxdorf is very high, the importance attached to faster data transmission will become apparent here. Roland freund () pointed out that the existence of a fiber-optic network would in any case be an infrastructural advantage for the town in the future. And corona has shown that home offices for professionals and distance learning for schoolchildren can quickly become a challenge in everyday life. The decision to push ahead with fiber optic expansion with the DG was passed by a majority of 11:2 votes.

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