33 Reason to marvel: how belief and knowledge can be combined

33 reason to marvel: how belief and knowledge can be combined

Science is often not possible without faith – this is what the authors father christoph gerhard and christian lorey wanted to show on wednesday during the book visit in the monastery bookshop in munsterschwarzach.

And this, although father christoph, cellarer of the abbey of munsterschwarzach and hobby astronomer, made clear right at the beginning: "from my studies, i am more a scientist than a theologian."But this is not a contradiction – on the contrary. Precisely because both the father and lorey, a senior lecturer in chemistry, biology and nature& technology at the friedrich koenig high school in wurzburg, deal with natural science, do they believe in god.

Scientific theories cannot be definitively proven

Scientific theories could only ever be disproved and not definitively proven, said lorey, who also supervises research projects by schoolchildren with the university of wurzburg. Science is always objective, but in the final proof, belief came in. Purely subjective feelings lay in the amazement of nature, in the feeling of the individual. And yet the experiences and images of god are comparable.

With astonishing examples from nature, the authors gave a glimpse into the book. For example, the structure of water molecules determines the aggregate state (solid, liquid, gas) at certain temperatures. In winter, aquatic life can only survive because there is always liquid water with a temperature of four degrees at the bottom of a body of water. So much for the theory – but why is it so?? Not explainable.

Why the earth has such luck cannot be explained

Even less can the "happiness of the earth" be justified. "Unlike other planets, it is exactly the right distance from the sun," says P. Christoph. The interaction of early volcanic eruptions, the relationship to the moon and the relationship between water and land created the planet that makes life possible in its present form. A coincidence? "It's not self-evident to be in the right place at the right time", so christoph.

The reproduction in the animal and plant world is also astonishing. Christian lorey mentioned, among other things, the thermometer chicken, which during brooding, instead of providing warmth through its own body, makes a brood cavity, in which bacteria, gases and the sun in perfect interaction provide the optimal brood temperature.

A total of 33 reasons to marvel are presented in your book "with what the vacuum is filled" read more. 


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