A sausage cake in children’s hands

A sausage cake in children's hands

It would have been great if the participants of the junior academy could have contributed something to the harvest festival at the monchshof, said academic director uschi prawitz. She found an active supporter in the butcher rudiger strobel from selbitz. He showed the twelve participants of the junior academy in the mupaz how wienerle are made, which because of the venue in the blaich "blacherla" heiben.

A sausage makes a career

In fact, the game about names has a long tradition. The inventor of the wienerle, johann georg lahner from gasselsdorf (today part of ebermannstadt), also called the wienerle not wiener wurstchen, but frankfurter. Lahner had become acquainted with this method of sausage production in frankfurt. He later moved to vienna and made headlines there with his recipe. Even crowned heads love the rooty sausages come – often over rough distances. Lahner was famed. His business flourished.
For the "blacherla a mix of beef and pork was used as well. To this is added a mixture of spices and phosphate. "Without the phosphate, the sausage would fall apart", the butcher explained to the children. And the butcher had another secret tip up his sleeve: "wienerle need pepper. I use white pepper, because you can see the black pepper in the light roast."
The chopped meat was filled into the cutter. With 5000 revolutions per minute, the minced meat was turned into fine roast in no time at all. Strobel added ice during the churning so that the mixture would not get warm. "It must be at most 12 degrees."
Then the butcher took out the sheep intestines: the sheep intestines will become the sausage casing. With a few skilful hand movements, the butcher pulled the sausages onto the filling machine and filled the sausage into the machine. Then at the push of a button came "blacherla by the meter. "I find it really interesting how the wiener is made", declared jule gunther (10). "Especially the machines are interesting", commented jonas muller (13). Jonas could well imagine that he might also become a butcher later on. "Until now, I thought I would become a farmer. But maybe I will become a butcher."

Practice makes perfect

The participants of the junior academy had a lot of fun twisting off the sausages. "Turning that off, that’s good", said jule gunther (10) after her first trial attempts. "So far, I wanted to be a pretzel maker, a glass maker or a gorilla maker, maybe even an archaeologist, but a wienerle producer – that would also be something", said maximilian mustard (9) enthusiastically.
That the "blacherla" the young sausage makers were not surprised by the fact that they had very different coarsenesses and that sometimes their heads were bursting because too many children were turning at the same time. The spab was the center of attention.
The handmade sausages were then put in the smoker for 1.5 hours. Of course, the children sampled some "blacherla" at the end, but there were enough left over to be sold yesterday at the rough harvest festival.

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