A spectrum that impresses

A spectrum that impresses

Bamberg’s bestselling author tanja kinkel is awarded the E.T.A.-hoffmann prize 2018 awarded. The decision of the jury as well as the city council in a closed session was unanimous, the press office of the city hall announced on friday. The award ceremony is scheduled for thursday, 25. October, 6 p.M., at the coarse house of E.T.A.-hoffmann theater intended.
The culture award jury explained its decision as follows: "born in bamberg in 1969, the writer tanja kinkel has been inspiring a large readership in the german-speaking world and beyond with her literary work for many years. Her oeuvre includes historical novels, fantasy novels, thrillers, children’s books and much more. As a doctor of literary studies, she knows how to combine her literary voyages of discovery to distant times and worlds with fundamental research. At the same time, it faces the burning questions of the present time again and again. In addition to her impressive and polyphonic literary work, which has long been translated into numerous languages, tanja kinkel has also been involved in cultural politics: among other things, by founding the children’s aid organization brot und bucher e.V. More than 25 years ago or through her commitment to the bamburg literature festival bamlit. As a member of the executive committee of the PEN club germany, she succeeded in bringing the annual meeting of the PEN club to her hometown of bamberg in 2016. Your manifold literary and literary mediating activities are in line with the artistic claim that is associated with the name E.T.A. Hoffmann is just in every respect."
Mayor and cultural affairs officer christian lange (CSU) was pleased that the city council had followed the unanimous recommendation of the jury: "with the award for tanja kinkel, we are taking another step on the way to further expanding bamberg as a city of literature and book art."
The award is endowed with 6000 euros. The awarding of the E.T.A.-hoffmann-award is given to natural or legal persons or to groups who have rendered outstanding services to the arts through their literary, musical, pictorial or other artistic creations and activities and who meet the artistic standards associated with the name E.T.A.-hoffmann is associated with, do justice to. The award is decided by a jury consisting of the cultural adviser and five experts.


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