Against church tower thinking

Against church tower thinking

"Enjoy ochsenfurt", mayor peter juks called out to the visitors of the lower franconian culture week in ochsenfurt on saturday. The old town belonged starting from 12 o’clock to the local unions, which formed themselves not only in the southern district wurzburg, but also under franconia far away and presented themselves on the day of the alliances in ochsenfurt.

The old town was full of information booths, brochures and pin boards. The only thing that was lacking was interested visitors. Perhaps this was also due to the fact that many people have very little idea of what the term "municipal alliance" means, because the ideas that emanate from the southern maindreieck and frankischer suden alliances are still very abstract. An opinion that not everyone may share. A visitor who had no idea of what municipal alliances were, also expressed a positive opinion. "I find the idea of the village store in uengershausen interesting," she said, taking home a lot of new information about her home town.

The program offered to the visitors on the main stage at the town hall was varied. Here, groups and actors presented themselves every half hour. For example, the children’s choir of the elementary school in aub sang, the reichenberg gospel choir "andiamo", florian meierott showed his skills on the violin, participants of the florian geyer games performed sword fights, musicians from bieberehren and stalldorf performed, the hunting horn band of the district hunting association played and actors from the rottinger frankenfestspiele presented their well-trained voices.


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