Are you able to pour the proper pint? Guinness Nitrosurge examined

Pouring a very good pint of Guinness is sort of a sport of chess: it takes minutes to study, a lifetime to grasp. You might be pondering “it’s simply liquid in a glass”. That it tastes the identical whether or not it’s consumed from a branded glass or a canine bowl. “So what if it doesn’t have a lot head, that’s extra Guinness for me, proper?” Ah so naive. 

As anybody who’s been served watery Guinness in a crap pub, or has spent any time scrolling the feed of @shitlondonguinness, can attest, pouring a pint of the black stuff™ is an artform. However in contrast to artwork, the distinction between a very good and dangerous Guinness isn’t subjective. A superb pint will probably be poured in a branded glass and topped with a thick, white foam domage. A nasty pint is watery and stagnant. It’ll sit there with a 3in head or no head in any respect. It’ll mock you and your life selections.

It’s additionally close to inconceivable to provide a very good one exterior of an excellent pub – however which will have modified with the Guinness Nitrosurge. This Guinness gadget claims to make use of ultrasonic tech to recreate the traditional two-pour pint. Merely clip the round gadget to the highest of a Guinness can, push a button, pour, and a pub high quality pint is there so that you can take pleasure in. Supposedly. 

The Nitrosurge will not be the primary Guinness-based innovation for house supping. It was Guinness, in any case, who patented the widget, a ping pong ball-like gadget that also is available in cans of Guinness at this time. We’ve additionally seen the ‘Surger’, a beer mat-style contraption that used ultrasound waves to activate the froth head.

A more moderen invention was the MicroDraught, a house bar faucet that (Guinness says) delivers a ‘freshly poured, deliciously clean’ pint with ‘a wonderfully domed head and exquisite style always.’ At £750, although, the MicroDraught is a bit of overkill for the typical Guinness enjoyer. However a Nitrosurge bundle, which incorporates the gadget, eight pint cans of Guinness and two pint glasses, prices a way more cheap £70. Is Nitrosurge the important thing to at-home Guinness excellency? Let’s discover out. 

Somewhat disclaimer first. We’ll be testing three kinds of Guinness – common Guinness, 0.0 alcohol free Guinness and the newly (ish) launched Guinness Chilly Brew Espresso Beer. Every can will probably be poured horizontally right into a branded glass at a 45-degree angle, left to settle, then topped off. Simply because it’s speculated to be. We’re searching for a black beer with a 2cm domage.

We received’t be judging on style. This isn’t masterchef, we’re not beer critics, and it’s a pint of Guinness, not a taster menu at The Fats Duck. Pints will probably be judged by three markers – pour one, pour two and domage. Let’s go. 

The gadget


The Nitrosurge makes use of ultrasonic waves to interrupt down the nitrogen bubbles in a can of Guinness, thus mimicking a pub pour. The gadget is powered by a Micro-USB/USB-A charging cable, with a full cost (round eight hours) fuelling round 100 pours.

Within the field, you get a tool, a USB cable, a nozzle and a small brush for deep cleansing, and the lifespan of a tool actually will depend on how nicely you take care of it.

It’s embellished with the golden Guinness harp on the high, and is marked with branding across the circumference. It feels sturdy, and is weighty sufficient to reassure it’s nicely made. To organize it for the pour, the directions inform me, I need to connect a nozzle, rinse the gadget by means of earlier than use and clip it to the highest of the can. It’s really easy even an 18 12 months previous child may do it. 

Alongside the Nitrosurge gadget comes the Nitrosurge cans. These are designed solely to be used with Nitrosurge, however at a retail worth of round £14 for six pint (568ml) cans, high quality comes at a price. 

Guinness authentic

Pour one


Yep, that’s Guinness alright. The bubbles movement from the underside of the glass and rise upwards like a creamy cloud. It settles superbly, taking simply over a minute to finish its first section. It’s a bit of bubbly, however that is perhaps all the way down to my pouring. Wouldn’t it get up in a median pub? To this point, I feel so.

Pour two


The second pour is arguably the make or break level for a pint of Guinness. Pour one leaves some room for human error, however an overzealous pour may end up in a huge head and a moist, beer soaked hand. Naturally, although, I nail it. My abilities are wasted right here. I must be in Dublin. However I’m not. I’m in my kitchen analysing beer foam with a tape measure.

The Nitrosurge performs very nicely, delivering a creamy pint that I’d fortunately settle for in my native. I’d most likely order one other.

Domage: Very spectacular. Few individuals would flip this away if handed it in an everyday pub, I feel. At first, I assumed the Nitrosurge could also be one thing of a fad gadget for anoraks, however I’m completely happy to be confirmed fallacious. 


0.0 is Guinness with out the alcohol, and it’s the most effective zero % beers on the market. It seems to be like Guinness, smells just like Guinness, and there’s sufficient of a Guinness flavour to trick your mind into believing it’s near the true deal. It additionally isn’t meant for use with the Nitrosurge.

Guinness are very clear that Nitrosurge cans and Nitrosurge cans solely have to be used to attain the specified end result. With that in thoughts, it’s honest to take this take a look at with a pinch of salt. Nonetheless, within the title of science, let’s press forward. 

Pour one

Guiness 0.0 test

The 0.0 pours clean, with a milky color earlier than settling into a really darkish ruby tone. It absolutely settles in just some seconds, however the foam is noticeably extra honeycombed than the Guinness Unique. Relatively than a clean crust there are giant bubbles within the foam, however the Nitrosurge does give it an additional pep in comparison with an ordinary pour. 

Pour two


Little adjustments to the 0.0 on the second pour. The 0.0 solely is available in 440ml, and thus scuppers my as soon as hermetic Guinness score system. It seems to be a bit of unhappy and lonely in my glass, like a baby wearing an outsized swimsuit at a household wedding ceremony. There isn’t any wind beneath its wings. It’s incomplete. Nonetheless, it tastes good so I’m completely happy. 

Domage: Check incomplete on account of inadequate glassware. 

Guinness Chilly Brew Espresso Beer

I’m no purist. Relatively, I’m a sucker for a gimmick. That’s why I greet the Guinness Chilly Brew Espresso Beer with anticipation. Will I crack open a can to find a wealthy, aromatic tipple that may be sipped by the hearth as snow falls exterior my window? Or will I pour into my glass an artificially sweetened concoction of syrup and extract? Both means, I’m right here for it. 

As soon as once more, the Guinness Chilly Brew Espresso Beer isn’t meant for the Nitrosurge

Pour one 

Cold Brew Coffee Beer review

I’m immediately overcome with a scent of espresso, which surprises me greater than it ought to. Perhaps my mind tricked itself into pondering it’s an everyday Guinness, I inform myself. The primary pour is someplace between the Nitrosurge can and 0.0, not fairly an ideal Guinness however an sufficient first pour. 

Pour two


As soon as once more, this take a look at is skewed because the Guinness Chilly Brew Espresso Beer doesn’t come as a full pint however we obtain an optimum pour with a 2cm foam. To our shock, although, the Chilly Brew Espresso Beer offers us probably the most aesthetically pleasing head of all three beers. It’s creamy and thick, and tops our drink with a beautiful shade of burnt cream. The glass was barely soiled after I poured it, which is why there are slight marks across the glass that just about appear to be condensation, however other than my errors I’m more than happy. 

Domage: Unfair take a look at on account of inadequate glass. Didn’t go peer evaluation. 

Guinness Nitrosurge verdict

Guinness enjoys sufficient of an avid drinker-base that the Nitrosurge will possible seem in numerous stockings this Christmas. For the informal drinker, although, it might not be well worth the cash or effort. These £14 a pack beers will possible deter a couple of people, and also you positively don’t get the identical outcomes with common cans. Some could not see the enchantment in an digital pouring gadget when a hoop pull does simply wonderful.

However Guinness, famously, requires persistence. When you’ve got that, then the Nitrosurge is value it.

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