Art in the stair tower shows constellations of fragility

Bamberg artist gerhard klarmann had already been painting and drawing during his school years, but then decided to pursue a career as a judicial clerk at the local district court. Nevertheless, he has always actively pursued his artistic work in addition to his professional activities. And so his works have been on display in various individual and joint exhibitions since the 1970s: in furth, in the upper palatinate, and in his hometown of bamberg, of course, where they were shown in the former sommer gallery, in the HOP gallery, and ten years ago for the first time at "kunst im treppenturm" in the karstadt house.

"We are happy to give artists a second opportunity to make their works accessible to a wide audience through the platform art in the stair tower", according to karstadt branch manager mathias baluses, speaking to the numerous guests at the opening ceremony. "The prerequisite for this is that the jury selects works that show significant artistic development or change."

This is also the case with the paintings of gerhard klarmann, who is presenting a selection of his most recent works in his current exhibition at the bamberger traditionskaufhaus. "His paintings have become", as art historian matthias liebel explained in his introductory speech "clearly changed compared to his earlier work". These changes are noticeable in a purified composition, but above all in a reduced color scheme, in which the artist concentrates essentially on the tones black and female, as well as a few nuanced gray tones, which sometimes shimmer into orange, sometimes into brown-beige.

The central theme of gerhard klarmann's paintings is the human being. The painter portrays him against a background that has been left out of the motif as a sensitive, thoughtful and sensitive being who ponders about himself, about his social ties and about his fellow human beings. "The unity of beauty, fragility and fantasy seems almost lost and has become a taboo in art", so clarmann. And he adds: "in my pictures i like to question this taboo".

The exhibition "gerhard klarmann – constellations of fragility" can play until the 20. July during the business hours of the bamberger karstadt-haus at the grunen markt can be visited. 

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