False alarm: injured after panic at disneyland paris

False alarm: injured after panic at disneyland paris

Several people were slightly injured in a mass panic triggered by explosive noises at the disneyland paris amusement park on saturday evening.

It was a false alarm, the security forces had confirmed that there was no threat, the french interior ministry tweeted. The loud roars were reportedly generated by a broken conveyor belt or escalator. There had also been talk of shots and a possible attack on social networks. The local prefecture reported that some people were injured by the panic.

The incident took place in the disney village business zone in the park located east of paris, as reported by news channel BFMTV. Visitors were therefore temporarily not allowed to leave the stores in the business zone, as security forces were checking the situation. However, the police operation on the land was terminated in the evening. On sunday, the amusement park was running again as usual, as reported by the french news agency AFP.

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Bad kissingens new oberburgermeister dr. Dirk vogel: “the city stands by your side”

Bad kissingens new oberburgermeister dr. Dirk vogel: 'the city stands by your side'

It was just one and a half weeks ago that dirk vogel (SPD) was elected as the new mayor of bad kissingen. The overwhelming news about the corona pandemic has almost pushed into the background that bad kissingen from 1. May is ruled by a new man. He has now given his first interview to this newspaper after his spectacular victory.

Mr dr. Vogel, how do you feel so soon after the election??

Dr. Dirk vogel: very good, thank you very much. In an election campaign for office, it’s a bit like in sports: you either win or you lose. There is little in between. The pulse is already rising. But it is down again and gives way to gratitude for the trust placed in us.

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Yates to take first overall vuelta win – pinot wins stage

Yates to take first overall vuelta win - pinot wins stage

The 26-year-old rode to his second place on friday on the 19. The rider, who is 1:07 minutes ahead of his closest rival alejandro valverde, is now 1:38 minutes ahead of the spanish champion with two stages to go. Frenchman thibaut pinot took the stage win in the 154.4-kilometer climb from lleida to naturlandia in andorra. Dutchman steven kruijswijk finished third.

Yates could hardly be denied his first major victory in the tour, after he had already looked like a sure winner in this year’s giro d’italia before he collapsed in the third-last stage. Overall third is 1:58 minutes behind kruijswijk.

Emanuel buchmann from ravensburg could not keep up with the pace of the top riders on the final climb and had to let him drift away. The bora-hansgrohe rider lost 2:20 minutes and remains the overall leader. He is about 90 seconds off tenth place. Another mountain stage follows on saturday before the vuelta ends in madrid on sunday.

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German trio out of us open

German trio out of us open

Tommy haas and angelique kerber had to let the unexpected defeats sink in first. "I am very disappointed. It will take a few days to digest this," said haas after his third-round defeat at the US open against the russian mikhail yuzhni.

Two hours earlier, the best german tennis player had been sitting in the same chair in interview room number two and said almost word for word after her eighth-final loss to carla suarez navarro: "it’s tough at the moment. The de-interchange is crude. I’m sure it will take me a few days to analyze this."

The fact that florian mayer also had no chance against defending champion and wimbledon champion andy murray – as expected – rounded off the dismal picture for german tennis on sunday.

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30-Year-old middle school in baiersdorf can be renovated

Should the baiersdorf middle school be renovated as a school association school or completely rebuilt?? How is the broadband expansion to be implemented in poxdorf?? The poxdorf town council had to take a position on these questions at its meeting.

Seven communities belong to the baiersdorf school association: baiersdorf, bubenreuth, effeltrich, langensendelbach, marloffstein, mohrendorf and poxdorf. In the decision-making meetings, the municipalities are represented by the mayors. In recent years, there have often been disputes about the high school association levy that the communities have to pay for the rent of the school and the gymnasium as well as for the maintenance costs. It was calculated according to the number of school children coming from the municipalities. In the summer of 2018, the owners’ association then consisting of the municipalities of baiersdorf, bubenreuth and mohrendorf offered the four other association members to include them in the group of school owners. This eliminated the high rental costs; however, the new co-owners also agreed to share future costs for a general renovation of the school building, which is more than 30 years old. It was agreed on the conclusion of a hereditary lease agreement.


The previous community of owners was indemnified by the payment of two million euros. Based on the number of schools at the time, poxdorf had 87,000 students.000 euro to be paid. In the meantime, the renovation has become more urgent. According to the mayor of poxdorf, paul steins (CSU), it is clear that the heating system, the sanitary facilities and the windows need to be renewed and that a lot needs to be done, especially in terms of fire protection. But, according to the architectural firm babler and lodde (furth), the school can be renovated, and the estimated costs were estimated at about 8.300.000 euros.

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Waiting for the norma market in uehlfeld

Not only the people of uehlfeld, but also some potential customers from the towns in the weisachgrund region have been asking themselves for a long time: norma in uehlfeld, wasn’t there something there once??

In the middle of uehlfeld, demolition was busy at the beginning of the year. Where there used to be a post office and a rewe market, the excavators were digging to make room for a "regional marketplace", conveniently located in the middle of town. The heart: a norma store, around it a few stores with regional tenants, a cafe, 70 parking spaces.

But since the 8000-square-meter land has been leveled, nothing more has happened. "Everyone is waiting for it to start," says, says mayor werner stocker (CSU) at the request of the frankischer tag. The "wildest rumors have already gone around the village. Norma has dropped out of the project. All nonsense, says stocker.

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Bernd regenauer at the kissinger kabarettherbst: a french mental coach

Bernd regenauer at the kissinger kabarettherbst: a french mental coach

Justice is one of those things. Many things are not fair. The case. Us and cabaret artists anyway. It is almost the purpose of life to philosophize about this more or less amusingly. Even ARD chose justice as the motto of its theme week last week. It would have been a great idea to record it. Regenauer doesn’t do that, even if he also focuses on this topic. The nurnberger convinces as a performer, surprises with imaginary off-screen dialogues, superimposed images, apt whatsapp comments and silent helpers, who underline funny scenes. Those in the audience who expected spontaneity and topical references were perhaps a little disappointed.

Regenauer as seminar leader

At the "advanced seminar for the strengthening of human weaknesses thinking is required. Bernd regenauer, a winner of the german cabaret prize, is the seminar leader – with a francophone "bauer-boind-brasendazion". Knowledge of the world of coaches, mental trainers and healers is in demand with regenauer. He lambasts the hyped-up world of further education. He takes optimizers, knowledge managers and speakers to task, settling scores with all those who want to make their rubbish on the backs of an insecure society.

"Nutzel" is the art figure of bernd regenauer. A human being like you and me. But it does what we should have done a long time ago: namely, it sets out on the path to the top! Why them and not me, he says. Nutzel also wants to go where the successful ones hang out. The rich and sparing, those who play golf, who have a yacht on lake constance and a porsche cayenne in the garage of their luxury villa.

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For the future

How to get energy from the sun or warmth, and will it be able to fully replace traditional energy sources such as oil or coal?? In addition to the well-known renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar energy, the following section presents other possibilities for generating energy.

Energy from biomass

Bioenergy is the all-conquering renewable energy source. The process produces heat, electricity and fuel from solid, liquid and gaseous biomass. In germany, wood is the most important source of energy. But also specially cultivated plants such as corn, grass, wheat or rapeseed are used. In addition, organic residues such as biowaste, manure, solid manure and waste and used wood are being used. It is also possible to generate heat in private households with biofuels, namely with the help of a pellet heating system.

Warmth from the bowels of the earth

Thermal energy stored beneath the earth's solid surface is tapped by drilling and used to generate electricity, heat and cold energy. The potential of geothermal energy (earth heat) is estimated to be enormously high. However, the necessary drilling methods are still very costly at present.

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Republicans riot for trump’s syria course

republicans riot for trump's syria course

U.S. President donald trump’s course in the syrian conflict is meeting with increasing criticism from within his own ranks. The republican majority leader in the u.S. Senate, mitch mcconnell, used unusually harsh words to oppose trump’s action.

"Withdrawing U.S. Troops from syria is a grave strategic mistake," mcconnell wrote in a guest editorial for the "washington post" published on friday. This made america more insecure, strong the enemies of the USA and weak important partners.

A cease-fire in northern syria agreed on thursday did not hold everywhere. Turkey and kurdish fighters accused each other of violating the agreement. The recently heavily contested border town of ras al-ain continued to come under fire in isolated incidents, according to activists.

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Nothing falls off the roof anymore

Nothing falls off the roof anymore

If you don't suffer from vertigo, you'll envy bernd voigt his job: the slate specialist from the kulmbach company eber bedachungen took on the task of inspecting the natural slate roofing of the longhouse and the steeple of the city's parish church "unsere liebe frau" on wednesday employs.

Better safe than sorry

Ehe reason for the use at heights of up to 50 meters is an expert opinion commissioned by the church administration, which documented damage to the supporting structure of the roof as well as to the slate roofing and confirmed a high need for renovation.
Although there is no acute danger from the roof, the church administration wanted to be on the safe side and commissioned the company eber to check the roof and tower for slate loosening and to repair any damage immediately.
In order to be able to work quickly and safely at this height, the roofing company has rented a hoisting crane – along with an expert to control it. Stefan seidler from the company wagert operates the workbench while bernd voigt inspects the slates piece by piece. If he discovers a loose piece, he nails it down. "Even a hint of suspicion puts a nail in the coffin", he says, because he wants to make sure nothing can happen once he's done. After all, several pieces of slate fell from the roof last year, and one even broke the window of a car. This should not happen again.

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