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Bad kissingens new oberburgermeister dr. Dirk vogel: “the city stands by your side”

Bad kissingens new oberburgermeister dr. Dirk vogel: 'the city stands by your side'

It was just one and a half weeks ago that dirk vogel (SPD) was elected as the new mayor of bad kissingen. The overwhelming news about the corona pandemic has almost pushed into the background that bad kissingen from 1. May is ruled by a new man. He has now given his first interview to this newspaper after his spectacular victory.

Mr dr. Vogel, how do you feel so soon after the election??

Dr. Dirk vogel: very good, thank you very much. In an election campaign for office, it’s a bit like in sports: you either win or you lose. There is little in between. The pulse is already rising. But it is down again and gives way to gratitude for the trust placed in us.

Did you think that you would be able to overtake your opponent gerhard schneider from the left, even in the first round of voting??

I have always believed in my ability to win this election. Otherwise I would not have competed. I have gained support for my issues and my person. How that will play out in the end in an election, you don’t know until the end.

What did they do better than him?

You have to ask the kissing team. I can only say what I have done and will continue to do: I do not promise the blue of the sky. Instead I analyze problems and work out solutions. Besides, i am a sociable guy with kissing roots. I think that was not a disadvantage.

You have worked quite a bit with facebook…

The medium was not decisive. Decisive was what I said.

If mr. Schneider doesn’t accept his city council mandate and remains a managing official, which is to be assumed, you will have to work closely with your former opponent candidate. Do you think that works smoothly?

I do not like that. We conducted a fair election campaign on a personal level. So the conditions are good. But now the campaign is over. As head of the administration, we encounter each other in different roles. We will talk to each other calmly and with mutual respect.

When will you break down your tents in russelsheim??

I can’t say for sure yet. Due to the current corona crisis, I am also involved in the city’s administrative staff to manage the crisis. So I could not decide the time of my departure yet. This will happen this week.

When she takes office on 1. May in bad kissingen, the spook with the corona virus is hopefully over. But the city will still have to struggle with the consequences of the crash. Make plans for what you will have to do as head of town?

Unfortunately, i will probably still be busy with it. Of course I think about it. Three goals are crucial from my point of view: first, we have to survive the crisis in good health. That means fewer infections and the best possible care for the infected. Secondly, we need to bundle and coordinate civil society assistance. Third, we have to minimize the economic damage. The concerns of kissing businesses and employees are also mine.

Kay blankenburg and the city have now initiated the first measure to demand the liquidation of companies when it facilitated the granting of deferments for companies. Further state demands must and will follow. One message is important to me: the city stands by your side. Bad kissingen stands together.

How do you plan to get a majority in the city council behind you?? The SPD alone does not have a majority. Who could you imagine working with??

This is quite normal. Society is becoming more colorful, so its representatives are also becoming more diverse. This calls for more discussion, communication and negotiation.

The interview was conducted by heike paulus

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