Bernd regenauer at the kissinger kabarettherbst: a french mental coach

Bernd regenauer at the kissinger kabarettherbst: a french mental coach

Justice is one of those things. Many things are not fair. The case. Us and cabaret artists anyway. It is almost the purpose of life to philosophize about this more or less amusingly. Even ARD chose justice as the motto of its theme week last week. It would have been a great idea to record it. Regenauer doesn’t do that, even if he also focuses on this topic. The nurnberger convinces as a performer, surprises with imaginary off-screen dialogues, superimposed images, apt whatsapp comments and silent helpers, who underline funny scenes. Those in the audience who expected spontaneity and topical references were perhaps a little disappointed.

Regenauer as seminar leader

At the "advanced seminar for the strengthening of human weaknesses thinking is required. Bernd regenauer, a winner of the german cabaret prize, is the seminar leader – with a francophone "bauer-boind-brasendazion". Knowledge of the world of coaches, mental trainers and healers is in demand with regenauer. He lambasts the hyped-up world of further education. He takes optimizers, knowledge managers and speakers to task, settling scores with all those who want to make their rubbish on the backs of an insecure society.

"Nutzel" is the art figure of bernd regenauer. A human being like you and me. But it does what we should have done a long time ago: namely, it sets out on the path to the top! Why them and not me, he says. Nutzel also wants to go where the successful ones hang out. The rich and sparing, those who play golf, who have a yacht on lake constance and a porsche cayenne in the garage of their luxury villa.

There is the "you can do it"-program licensed according to the 12 tenets of the imaginary motivation guru "jerry saltzman from kazakh highlands. Nutzel thus acts as a mental trainer and, as an optimization coach, convinces all those who allow themselves to be convinced. "I used to be able to just about keep my head above water", he says. Now, as a "train-the-trainer-trainee of courses with gold-retriever-master-flash-certification" he pisses with the rough dogs and betrays life success recipes: what to do about conflict situations such as midlife crisis, burnout or sexual weaknesses? How to defend myself against morons and bullies? As a success coach, he preaches "the healing powers of self-destruction" and reveals how "even out of necessity, despair can enter life again". With full throttle into the aspired "loose-loose situation.

The winners are always the others

Time is running out, nutzel has not paid his license fee. Screen and beamer are cleared away, the light goes out. Only with a candle in his hand will nutzel become regenauer again. The listeners were not always at home with him in the world of turbo-capitalism before, because they have other concerns than profit maximization, performance pressure, target achievement and bonus payment in their working time. Now regenauer captures the audience with well-dosed satire against the depths and shallows of our time. He preaches decency and fiddles with criminal groups. "When the winners are always the others, because insanity has become the norm", then there is honestly appreciative applause for a hundred minutes of sophisticated cabaret. In french with high german accent.

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