Boris becker: tennis faces major crisis

Boris becker: tennis faces major crisis

The man from leimen also supports the proposal of swiss record-breaking grand slam winner roger federer (38), who called for a unification of the men’s and women’s organizations. "Roger federer got the ball rolling with his crude idea of staying together. This speaks for his intelligence and also for the fact that he really cares about the game," said becker in an interview on laureus.Com.

For the six-time grand slam winner, an association would be "a step in the right direction. Tennis has always been progressive when it comes to keeping up with the times, with equal rights," said the 52-year-old.

Becker worries about corona pandemic for players not in "top ten, top 50 and maybe top 75 men and women". The rest of the pro players need the weekly paycheck and their prize money. "The fact is that they can’t play, they can’t even go to a club and teach because of social distancing," he said. Also organizers of smaller tournaments, which cannot take place now, will probably have difficulties to come back financially. "They lost a lot of money. So it’s also a question of time."

Becker does not think it makes much sense to hold the US open in august: "a few weeks ago, new york was pretty much the worst city to be hit by the virus. I don’t think it would be advisable to hold a tournament there."

Laureus foundation member becker feels that the pandemic has made him "more committed than ever to his work for the foundation, and I’m doing what I can."In the last 20 years, "laureus sport for good" has collected more than 150 million euros. Currently supporting more than 200 sports programs in over 40 countries.


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