California sues against trump’s “dreamer” decision

California sues against trump's 'dreamer' decision

The U.S. State of california is taking legal action against U.S. President donald trump’s decision to abolish a protection program for the children of illegal immigrants.

"We will not allow donald trump to destroy the lives of young immigrants who make california and our country stronger," california attorney general xavier becerra announced on monday.

The U.S. States of minnesota, maryland and maine joined the move to protect so-called dreamers. Last week, 15 states and the capital city of washington filed suit in a new york court.

Trump had previously reversed his predecessor barack obama’s 2012 DACA program, which granted work permits to hundreds of thousands of children of illegal immigrants and protected dreamers from deportation. Now congress is expected to find a new regulation by spring. Until then, there will be no new additions to the program.

According to becerra, there are more than 800,000 dreamers in the U.S. One in four of them was living in california, it hewed in its communication.

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