Car manufacturers demand exchange bonus for diesel cars

Car manufacturers demand exchange bonus for diesel cars

VW group, daimler, BMW and ford extend their exchange bonuses for old diesel cars beyond the end of the year. With the purchase incentives, the companies want to get diesel cars with high nitrogen oxide emissions off the road and prevent driving bans in individual cities.

Since the launch of the bonus offer in august, more than 110,000 customers of VW, audi, seat and skoda have already turned in their euro 1 to euro 4 diesel cars for scrapping and used the bonus to buy a new car, the VW group announced on tuesday. The campaign, which was originally scheduled to run until the end of the year, will now be extended until the end of march "in order to improve air quality in inner cities," said fred kappler, head of sales.

Daimler and BMW are even extending their premiums until the end of june, as the industry newspaper "automobilwoche" had previously reported. Ford continues to pay the premium for the time being, "until revoked". Opel is still negotiating with its negotiators.

However, the premiums announced after the diesel summit in august are difficult to compare with each other. BMW makes the purchase of a car with low CO2 emissions a condition and pays 2000 euros. VW pays the highest premium – 10,000 euros – when buying the rough touareg SUV. VW scraps the old cars, at BMW the dealers can also sell them again.

According to the latest data from the federal motor transport authority, as of august 1. January 2017, 6.4 million diesel cars with euro 1 to euro 4 engines were still registered in germany. No figures were available as to how successful the exchange premiums were. Daimler and BMW would not disclose figures on their buybacks.

Expert stefan bratzel from the auto institute of the bergisch gladbach university of economics said that even without the bonus, many diesel cars, some of them as old as 15 years, had been scrapped. But many motorists may have taken the chance to buy a new car and take the bonus with them – the 110,000 cars traded in at VW are an indication of this, he said. For corporations, the purchase pramie is certainly a good deal. "The margin is not as high as usual, but this is not a welfare event."

At the diesel summit in berlin, volkswagen, daimler, BMW and opel also promised their customers free updates to the control software of around 5.3 million cars with the euro 5 and 6 emissions standards. The federal administrative court is expected to issue a landmark ruling on driving bans in cities in february.


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