Car with confused protest message rams gate of chancellor’s office

car with confused protest message rams gate of chancellor's office

The first excitement was rough. A car crashed into the entrance gate of the federal chancellery in berlin, reports on the internet said on wednesday morning. A stop? Photos also spread quickly.

Directly at the gate to the entrance to the office of angela merkel (CDU) stood a dark station wagon, on the sides were painted political messages. The car had hit the gate – but rather slowly than with force. In addition, the driver was apparently confused and had already attracted attention with a very similar act six years ago. There was no more talk of a possible terrorist attack.

At shortly after 10.00 o’clock the 54-year-old driver drove his dark green golf station wagon, license plate from the district of lippe in north rhine-westphalia, against the gate in the driveway of the federal chancellor’s office. Federal police officers immediately arrested the man. He was treated briefly in an ambulance with a minor injury. The man had a wheelchair with him, but could also walk. The police closed off the street. The area is off-limits to public traffic, only bicyclists can pass by.

At least two metal bars of the barred gate were imprinted through the front of the car. Berlin police spokesman thilo cablitz later said the man was driving his car at "very low speed, so there was also very little property damage to the gate and the vehicle.".

On the driver’s side of the car was painted in white letters: "you damned murderers of children and old people". On the passenger side there was a slogan: "stop the globalization policy". Speculated briefly that the action could be related to the mabnahmen of the policy against the corona pandemic. The incident occurred during the current meeting of the federal cabinet. This usually meets on wednesday mornings in the chancellor’s office.

Police spokesman cablitz did not want to commit himself: "whether it is a mental condition or another motivation, is currently being clarified." It can only be speculated "whether it was a symbolic act or to attract attention".

At noon, it was finally confirmed that the man had already committed an almost identical act in 2014 at the government headquarters in berlin. A spokesman for the federal ministry of the interior said "that the perpetrator is known from a similar incident in 2014".

In february 2014, the then 48-year-old man had driven the same car into the fence of the chancellor’s office. Photos of the incident show the car. On the left side was written: "nicole, i love you", on the other side: "stop this climate change that kills people". At that time, too, the man was immediately arrested.

The driver made a statement to the police on wednesday. But nothing was revealed about the content. He will be questioned and then it will be decided how to proceed with him, said the police spokesman.

Merkel, her ministers and staff were not in any danger from the incident with the old golf, a government spokesman and the federal police stressed as late as noon. "The security sweeps at the chancellor’s office have stood the test of time," the federal police tweeted. "For the chancellor, the remaining members of the federal government& the people working in the chancellor’s office were not in danger at any time."

Many reactions on the internet, on the other hand, were rather amused: "once every six years," one tweeted. "Certainly a wishbone," wrote someone else.


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