Gerst helps with eavesdropping

A few days after his return to the international space station (ISS), german astronaut alexander gerst helped US astronauts on a mission in space.

The 42-year-old geophysicist from baden-wurttemberg supported his two u.S. Colleagues drew feustel and ricky arnold during important maintenance work in free space.

"Gerst is doing very well on this mission," volker schmid of the german aerospace center (DLR) told the deutsche presse agency. "He trained for it," said the DLR director of gerst’s "horizons" mission. Gerst had spent around two and a half years preparing for the mission in the usa, russia and germany.

Jesserndorf – the burnt-out motorcycle under the crash barrier is probably the worst case scenario. The traffic accident, which took place on thursday at around 13.30 o’clock on the state road 2278 on high of the ebern district jesserndorf occurred, went out for the biker luckily smoothly.

The man suffered only minor injuries and was treated on the spot by the rescue service of the red cross. According to the police, his bike, a heavy BMW in mint condition, was totally damaged to the tune of more than 10,000 euros. Motorcycle burst into flames after hitting guardrail. The fire could be extinguished, still before the arrival of the fire-brigades jesserndorf and ebern, by a traffic participant with a hand fire extinguisher.

At the time of the accident, the 24-year-old motorcyclist from the district of schweinfurt was driving on state road 2278 from the direction of ebern in the direction of habfurt. About 300 meters before the jesserndorf/bramberg junction, he was trying to overtake several cars and a truck, according to the police. The 29-year-old driver of an opel astra from the habberge district, which was struck by the motorcyclist, swerved out of this lane. Therefore, the biker fell and slid to the left into the guardrail. The damage to the opel amounts to about 1000 euros.

Experts: job recovery continues to lose momentum

Many companies continue to be unsettled by the euro debt crisis and are making investments that will also create new jobs. Accordingly, the job upswing had weakened further in august. According to calculations by experts, 2.906 million men and women were out of work during the vacation month; this was around 15,000 more than in july and only 40,000 less than a year ago. The official figures will be published by the bundesagentur fur arbeit (BA) on 30. August announce.

The main reason for the increase was the summer break, emphasized the experts interviewed by dpa. Especially in baden-wurttemberg and bavaria, many companies were still on vacation in august; most of the new employees were not hired until september. Many young people had not yet found a new job after completing their training and continued to register as unemployed.

Nevertheless, according to their assessment, the labor market developed worse than in the midsummer of the past five years: from 2007 to 2011, the number of unemployed people had fallen by an average of just under 3,000 in august. "We are facing a poor third quarter economically. This development is spreading relatively quickly to the labor market," says commerzbank economist eckart tuchtfeld.

Ancelotti wants real madrid to play offensively

"For me it’s something special, it’s normal that I’m excited," said the 54-year-old italian in madrid. Not only against betis will he have the team around star striker cristiano ronaldo and the german internationals mesut ozil and sami khedira play offensively, ancelotti assured.

"We want to go on the offensive. My experiences at milan, chelsea and paris saint-germain were always the same. All these teams played offensively, because that’s the way it has to be with such teams. I don’t think i’ll do anything different here now that i have such excellent players," said the man who has already won league titles as a coach in italy, england and france. The ambience within the team was "very, very good".

Archrival and defending champion FC barcelona, which also starts the league on sunday with its stars around lionel messi and neymar against UD levante in front of its own audience, praised ancelotti in the highest tones. "This is a very strong team with players who have a lot of quality," he said. But the italian said he did not rule out the possibility of other teams – such as atletico madrid – intervening in the primera division title fight.

Fire and flame for history

On the day of german unification, a hint of smoke was over the medieval market in the main street of burgpreppach and in the courtyard of the castle. Everywhere open fires were blazing, like at the "master franz, the blacksmith" or at the campfire, bartiger gesellen, who gathered around the fire.

For the sixth time, renate vielhuber and her team had invited to a medieval market on the occasion of the kirchweih in burgpreppach, where you can still stroll today, saturday, and tomorrow sunday. More than 20 stalls are spread along the main street and in the courtyard, where you can buy drinks, food, books, clothes, leather goods, weapons and skins of all kinds.

Saddlery and a wagner complete the offer. In the courtyard the children can have their make-up done. They hear other dialects such as upper bavarian or swabian and can thus be assigned to the fierants. At some stands it is even possible to pay with EC-card.

gift for a very young georg

For a long time, the 23rd of. April well over a hundred men with the first name georg and a few women with the name georgine came to vierzehnheiligen to celebrate their name day with a festive service in the basilica on the commemoration day of saint georg.
In the aftermath, the organizing committee of georg vogel jr., georg lohneis, georg donath, georg meibner, georg kronecker and georg kostner existing georgen committee still a joint day trip.
Among the victims, however, there are relatively few young people, and almost no children. This means that the beautiful name georg is now completely out of fashion. Therefore, the georgen committee decided years ago to visit all newborn children with the name georg and to bring their parents a small gift for the child in the amount of 50 euros.
Recently, the georgen committee was once again able to visit a little georg in lichtenfels and was warmly welcomed by his parents anja muller and dirk schnapp.
With this action, the georgen committee wanted to bring the very nice, but hardly used first name georg back to the foreground a bit.

California sues against trump's 'dreamer' decision

The U.S. State of california is taking legal action against U.S. President donald trump’s decision to abolish a protection program for the children of illegal immigrants.

"We will not allow donald trump to destroy the lives of young immigrants who make california and our country stronger," california attorney general xavier becerra announced on monday.

The U.S. States of minnesota, maryland and maine joined the move to protect so-called dreamers. Last week, 15 states and the capital city of washington filed suit in a new york court.

In the triad old, cheeky and colorful

They are always good for a surprise, the five singing ladies of the "dreiklang" from wiesenbronn. At the wine festival this weekend the singing ensemble will celebrate its 30th anniversary. The motto: "older – bolder – more colorful".

One, or to be more precise, even two, premieres for the festival. Their very first CD will be available, for which the quintet of katrin stenger, antja polat, barbara ackermann, annette schmidt and barbara becker has been in the recording studio. In addition to their traditional dirndls, the clothing collection of the triad is to be expanded by a new, somewhat more exotic form. With fabrics directly from india, all five have had a sari made for them. "They are really colorful," says barbara becker and arouses curiosity.

More they do not tell, because the premiere with the saris is only at the concert on the festival itself, not before. And as is typical for the group, which was formed in 1982 from a girls’ choir to sing at the opening of the wiesenbronn wine festival: "the clothes are completely different, just like us," reveals katrin stenger. She was the only one who was always at the triad, which was once founded by mina hader. All the others paused in between, or joined in later. Up to twelve people were in the singing group in between. Dreiklang was chosen as the name because the group usually sings in three voices, even with five of them.

Milk as an economic factor

It’s all about milk: without this staple food, nothing works in the district of forchheim. Around 61,000 hectoliters of fresh milk were drunk here last year – 53 liters per capita. In addition, around 2700 tons of cheese and 700 tons of butter were produced. This was announced by the food and beverage workers’ union (NGG), citing new figures from the federal institute for agriculture and food (bafa).
"A large part of the milk not only comes from bavarian farms, but is also processed in local dairies", says michael grundl of the NGG in upper franconia.

An argument for professionals

This "bavaria-milk-balance" the 82 companies in the dairy industry produced 8.6 million hectoliters of consumer milk last year – 20 percent more than was consumed in bavaria itself. In the case of cheese, two-thirds of domestic production was eaten outside of bavaria. Trade unionist grundl talks about "milk as an economic factor and demands: "now is the time for the employees to get a good piece of the pie again." For the approximately 17,000 employees in the bavarian dairy industry, the NGG is demanding a wage increase of 5.8 percent in the current round of collective bargaining. Trainees to receive 80 euros more per year of training. "The industry is dependent on skilled workers. But you can only attract them with good working conditions and solid pay. However, wages account for only six percent of sales", grundl emphasizes. There is clearly room for improvement. If you pay well, it will be easier to find specialists for the complex work in milk refinement in the future.
At the same time, the union is campaigning for fair producer prices: "farmers also need stable milk prices to secure their livelihoods." The dairy industry is dependent on the regional raw material, michael grundl continues. Together, producers and processors in bavaria produced a world-renowned quality product. "Those who work with milk must also be able to make a good living from it."
Collective bargaining for the bavarian dairy industry begins on 26. September.

The future is post-operation and dismantling

The days of the grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant are over. On 31. December 2015 will be the last time electricity will be produced, after which the plant will be shut down. It is clear that the more than 500 employees of the power plant are following the development with mixed feelings. The end of electricity production does not mean the complete end of operations. A nuclear power plant can't just be wiped out like that. But what happens next for the employees also depends on whether the power plant is dismantled at the start of post-operation, or whether it is safely sealed off for about 30 years. Both are possible under the atomic energy act.

Ten years for reconstruction

In the former case, the jerk construction, a large part of the workforce could still be employed for a few more years. Such a jolt lasts around ten years. If the decision is made in favor of safe containment, the power plant will be put into a kind of hibernation for about 30 years. Most jobs were then eliminated, explains bernd gulich, press spokesman for the power plant. So there are hardly any prospects for the younger power plant employees. Young people in particular are therefore already looking around for alternatives. Only those over 50 no longer have to worry about the big picture. Because at the end of the downsizing period, most of the employees are about to retire anyway.

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