A marathon race that has just begun – that is the energy transition for economist claudia kemfert. Patience and staying power pay off, because the german economy stands to benefit more than any other country from the restructuring of the energy sector.

Nuclear phase-out by 2022, dwindling reserves of raw materials, climate change – but claudia kemfert sees the energy transition above all as an opportunity. The energy expert from the german institute for economic research says that the state of bavaria is well placed to achieve its goals.

The grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant in bavaria will be taken off the grid in 2015. The temelin nuclear power plant near the border in the czech republic is to be expanded by two reactors. How much nuclear power will we import?
Claudia kemfert: we don"t need to import nuclear power at all if we invest enough in germany and bavaria in power plants and grids, in decentralized production and intelligent consumption, and in energy saving. We need efficiency improvements, and we need our own electricity capacities in the country. Above all, we need a smart market design: renewable energies have volatilities (fluctuations over time), which can be compensated for by intelligent supply and demand management and the use of electricity storage facilities. In principle, however, we also need the european alliance and must coordinate more closely than before with neighboring countries.

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