Researchers: exclusion the main cause of juvenile delinquency

Researchers: exclusion the main cause of juvenile delinquency

He sees young people’s experiences of exclusion and humiliation as one of the main causes of juvenile delinquency. "Social exclusion is perceived as a pain. And pain increases the propensity to violence," the scientist explained at the start of the 29th world cup. German youth court day on saturday in nurnberg. The neurobiologist, who is also a doctor for psychiatry and psychotherapy, therefore called for appropriate consequences in dealing with delinquent youths.

In bauer’s experience, exclusion often starts in the family – "especially when families are excluded as a whole," bauer said. It’s also a problem when families break up and young people are left without a bond. "Exclusion is then repeated at school. And if a young person is then excluded from school, this often results in serious criminal acts," bauer pointed out.

Instead of juvenile punishment, the university lecturer advocates helping young people to achieve a "change of perspective": young people had to learn to take on the perspective of their victim. According to bauer’s findings, the ability of people to put themselves in the shoes of others, which is important in social interaction, develops between the ages of 3 and 6. And 22. Year of life. Young people who develop this ability at a late stage therefore need support from experts.

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Too many hours are lost

Too many hours are lost

There were lively discussions at the SPD’s education policy meeting in habfurt. Several teachers spoke with state legislators kathi petersen and martin gull, as well as state parliament candidate rene van eckert and district councilor bernhard rub about education.

Too few teachers, too many dropped hours – it’s a major problem. It is a key element of everyday school life, even at vocational schools, said martin gull, chairman of the committee for education and culture in the bavarian state parliament. Petersen and gull calculated that there would be enough teachers to pay for it. "There is also enough money. The only question is what to focus on", EDITED BY BERNARD RUB.

Example sand: municipality pays

He used the example of sand to show how a municipality, as a purely technical contractor, now organizes and finances child education and child care "because the state doesn’t do it" – on friday afternoons, for example, when the bound all-day school only runs until noon. The educational benefits of all-day schooling will be lost if the hours are no longer available to meet the individual needs of the children. "The mobile reserve is already firmly scheduled shortly after the start of school due to long-term sickness", said kathi petersen.

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Mayor’s tour: many construction sites in marktsteft

If you talk to thomas reichert, the mayor of marktsteft, you can’t miss one topic: the BNE station, the station for "education for sustainable development" of the district, which is to be built in the old harbor in the city on the river main. After a number of teething problems in the planning phase, the time has finally come for the city council to approve the building application.

Even before his re-election in march, the ESD station was one of the dominant issues in the city; now it is at the top of the agenda for reichert. "It was a long and difficult road to get there says reichert. And: "I am sure, however, that all but one or two rates will agree to this. Maybe we made one or two mistakes", the mayor sums up a project that quickly landed at the political level because of its financing – after all, it involves several million euros – but is now largely in the clear.

On a begging tour

"We must of course do our part", according to reichert, the own contribution of 1.1 to 1.3 million euros is feasible, as the budget shows. "I was really on a begging tour, but there are enough challenges to secure the project", according to reichert, who also says that all of this would hardly have been possible without many helpers who opened the appropriate doors – and also cost a corresponding amount of time.

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30-Year-old middle school in baiersdorf can be renovated

Should the baiersdorf middle school be renovated as a school association school or completely rebuilt?? How is the broadband expansion to be implemented in poxdorf?? The poxdorf town council had to take a position on these questions at its meeting.

Seven communities belong to the baiersdorf school association: baiersdorf, bubenreuth, effeltrich, langensendelbach, marloffstein, mohrendorf and poxdorf. In the decision-making meetings, the municipalities are represented by the mayors. In recent years, there have often been disputes about the high school association levy that the communities have to pay for the rent of the school and the gymnasium as well as for the maintenance costs. It was calculated according to the number of school children coming from the municipalities. In the summer of 2018, the owners’ association then consisting of the municipalities of baiersdorf, bubenreuth and mohrendorf offered the four other association members to include them in the group of school owners. This eliminated the high rental costs; however, the new co-owners also agreed to share future costs for a general renovation of the school building, which is more than 30 years old. It was agreed on the conclusion of a hereditary lease agreement.


The previous community of owners was indemnified by the payment of two million euros. Based on the number of schools at the time, poxdorf had 87,000 students.000 euro to be paid. In the meantime, the renovation has become more urgent. According to the mayor of poxdorf, paul steins (CSU), it is clear that the heating system, the sanitary facilities and the windows need to be renewed and that a lot needs to be done, especially in terms of fire protection. But, according to the architectural firm babler and lodde (furth), the school can be renovated, and the estimated costs were estimated at about 8.300.000 euros.

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Munich’s mastermind wins the brainstorming championship

Munich's mastermind wins the brainstorming championship

They had to memorize several hundred words, pictures and numbers in just a few minutes: memory athletes from all over germany determined their champion in magdeburg.

Reigning mayor simon reinhard from munich succeeded in defending his title. The 39-year-old memory athlete scored around 6800 points in the competition on friday and saturday – almost 1000 more than the runner-up. "That was already a rough lead," said organizer johannes mallow.

15-year-old maja spiolek from braunschweig won the junior category, and 11-year-old johann jan haluschky from torgelow in mecklenburg-vorpommern won the children’s category.

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Stories get people talking

Can you also be alone among neighbors? This was the question addressed by the project "erlangen tells". It goes

To find out, listen and make contacts, explains felicitas keefer, who works on behalf of "aktion mensch" leads the project and invites to the meetings at different places to always new topics.

On this afternoon, two protagonists talk about their experiences, which could not be more different: martin sanchez came to germany from argentina at the age of eleven, while ruth zilch comes from the ruhr area and moved to bavaria with her husband and two children in 1967, only learning there that she had actually landed in france.

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Waldorf school students learn on farms

Waldorf school students learn on farms

Christiane reuther ninth-graders at the free waldorf school in the mainauen in habfurt completed a three-week agricultural internship in may.

On tuesday evening, in the school’s auditorium, the young people reported on their experiences during their stay in america, italy, france, austria or germany. The evening was organized by the students themselves, who prepared the presentations on their own – and delivered them in a lively manner.

With the help of pictures, the teachers first gave the guests background information about the internship farm, ranging from the alpaca farm to social institutions and the equestrian center. The 15-year-olds shared their experiences of the week and personal highlights, as well as their experiences of sometimes boring or exhausting work that was nevertheless enjoyable and to be recommended.

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Redevelopment or new building – what will happen to the stadtsteinach daycare center??

Redevelopment or new building - what will happen to the stadtsteinach daycare center??

The daycare center on lehenthaler weg is bursting at the seams. For this reason, the daycare children have already had to move into rooms in the so-called post office buildings. And the demand continues to grow: there is already talk of a further group.

A fundamental decision

In addition, the daycare center building is getting on in years. Substantial renovation work is necessary. Against this backdrop, the responsible parties from the city and the catholic church foundation are faced with a fundamental decision: what makes more sense: the renovation and expansion of the existing building or a completely new building??

The building is the property of the catholic church foundation st. Michael stadtsteinach. From this point of view, it is the church that is responsible for the financing of the construction work. But it is not quite that simple: there is a deficit contract with the political community, i.E. The city of stadtsteinach. If the daycare center’s financial year ends with a loss, the municipality must close the gap – 100 percent of the time.

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For the first time, the train ran on schedule again in mainz

For the first time, the train ran on schedule again in mainz

The next test will be the end of the school vacations on monday, when restrictions will apply again. Chief executive officer rudiger grube addressed customers for the first time since the staff shortages became known. "I expressly apologize for the problems that have arisen," he told "welt am sonntag" (wams). The train cancellations are "a gross embarrassment for the railroad," grube told the newspaper bild am sonntag (bams).

No more trains are to be cancelled in mainz on the other august weekends either. During the week, however, a restricted timetable will remain in effect until the end of the month. On saturday morning, the many "fallt aus" banners of the past few days had disappeared from the display boards at the main train station in mainz, and delays were within the usual range.

For two weeks now, trains at main station in mainz have been cancelled or had to be diverted. The reason is a shortage of personnel in the signal box. This had led to a nationwide debate about bottlenecks on the german railroads. Despite the emergency timetable, train services for schools during rush hour are to be largely secured for the start of school on monday after the summer vacations in rhineland-palatinate.

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The construction projects will continue in 2020

2019 will go down in the history of the market town of wirsberg as a year of construction work. As mayor hermann anselstetter (SPD) noted at the final meeting, after years of consultation and planning, in the last twelve months the building trades had the upper hand: "and that will remain the case in 2020 as well. While in 2019 the infrastructure projects of kindergarten expansion, burgerzentrum, medical center with excavation facilities, school renovation and road repairs dominated construction activity, in 2020 the new buildings of norma, sparkasse and himmelkroner heime will form the investment projects worth millions of euros." With these construction projects, the market wants to make the quality of life in wirsberg fit for the future.

Currently, 1898 residents are registered in the market town, compared to 1923 the previous year. With the status of "asylum seeker there is currently a family of eight living in the village, and 33 recognized refugees also live here. Construction work is in full swing on the new building at the herbert kneitz kindergarten to expand the daycare center to include a kindergarten group, a daycare group and an after-school care group, as well as function rooms and a passenger elevator.

Work on the construction of the burgerzentrum on the market square with barrier-free access to the st. St. John’s church and renovation of a former farmer’s barn with estimated construction costs of 4,500,000 euros are also in full swing. They are scheduled to be completed, including the eaves, by the spring of 2021.

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