Catholics make a pilgrimage to protestants

Catholics make a pilgrimage to protestants

It may be the shortest pilgrimage of the herzogenaurach catholics that takes place every year on christ's ascension day, but it has a special destination: the protestant church of veitsbronn. This pilgrimage has a historical background. Because veitsbronn originally belonged to the parish of herzogenaurach and did not adopt the protestant confession until 1529.
When the inhabitants had become evangelical, they tried to remove with the veneration of the saints also their statue of the mother of god in their church, so the saying goes. They brought their picture to herzogenaurach during the night and placed it on the stone bridge with the words that it should guard the houses of the herzogenaurach burgers. But, oh miracle, the next morning our lady was again standing on her side altar in the church of veitsbronn. It often happened that the same game was played during the night, but the statue was always in its old place. Since that time, the people of veitsbronn have once again clung to their miraculous image of the mother of god.

A seam on the neck
Another version of the legend is told in veitsbronn. After that, during the 30-year war, a swedish colonel loved to remove the statue from the church. The next day she stood on the altar again. In anger, he cut off her head with a sword. Head and torso were moved to different places. The next day the statue of the virgin mary was back on the altar. The sword stroke was believed to be still recognizable as a seam.
So the pilgrimage of the people of herzogenaurach to veitsbronn has roots that are many hundreds of years old, and has never been completely stopped. After the second world war, the people of herzogenaurach made an annual pilgrimage to veitsbronn in may with the support of a music band from the monopol inn. One of the two chaplains from herzogenaurach held the service in the church of veitsbronn. From 1981 the parish priest franz noppenberger took over the pilgrimage for st. Otto. The devotion was held in the evangelic church, afterwards the believers celebrated the mass in the catholic church.
After the parish st. When otto became independent in herzogenaurach, the late pastor joachim kauer took over the role of spiritual accompanist, assisted by helmut fischer. This is why this extraordinary pilgrimage still finds its place in the annual calendar of the parishes of herzogenaurach.


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