Cemetery and property tax become more expensive in burgkunstadt

Cemetery and property tax become more expensive in burgkunstadt

While the community of altenkunstadt can look forward to a subsidy from the city for its teaching pool, some things in burgkunstadt will also become more expensive in the foreseeable future, as the adjustment of the property tax and the cemetery fees in the most recent city council meeting showed.
The emerging additional costs of around 150000 euros for the renovation of the burgweg, the regens-wagner-square and the market square surroundings were welcomed dipl.-ing. (FH) marcus hamberger with the reconstruction of the lighting and the wall construction at the burgweg, the additional foundation and slope protection works and the underpinning of the vogtei wall. Here, an archaological construction supervision was necessary due to the historical masonry. The city council approved these additional costs. The resumption of construction work was announced for the 19. March and the completion of all the work for april/may in prospect, so that the inauguration can take place on 2 march. June can take place.
Ulf muller of the engineering firm of the same name presented a design for the expansion of the fire department building in hainweiher, which also included a training room of around 84 square meters and the sanitary facilities that had long been desired. The cost estimate was 387,000 euros, but he thought that with the help of the fire department, it would be possible to reduce this amount to 330,000 euros. After a long discussion, the draft plan and the cost calculation were approved.

Cemetery fees increased

According to mayor christine frieb (CSU), a municipality has to cover its costs for public facilities, including cemetery fees, which is why the administration presented a new calculation after covering only 62 percent of costs on average over the past four years. Therefore, it was decided to increase the fees for the use of the cemetery and burial facilities (last adjusted in 2005). In this context, chamberwoman heike eber informed that the urn facility at the cemetery was in very lively demand, so that the council members should deal with the erection of a second urn steles facility.
After the suggestion of the district office to adjust the rates of property tax A and B from the assessment year 2018 to the state average of comparable cities and municipalities, the administration proposed to raise the rate from the current 300 to 340 of one hundred. City councilors gunther knorr and manfred hofmann (both CSU) noted that their group was happy with a levy of 330 v. H. Better had befriended. A lengthy debate ensued before the rate adjustment of 340 per cent was approved. H. With six votes against a majority found. After chamber heike eber was able to signal that a very pleasing result was on the horizon for 2018, the council members decided by a majority to discuss the budget at the april meeting of the city council.
Altenkunstadt is to receive a one-time payment of 225,000 euros from the town of burgkunstadt for the instructional swimming pool, as agreed with the district administration, the municipality of altenkunstadt and the DLRG. In addition to this, mayor christine frieb explained that the teaching pool would remain closed to the public during the open-air swimming season, i.E. From mid-may to mid-september, so that there would be no competition with the kunomare open-air swimming pool. In school operation, the teaching pool could always be used, except for the time during the necessary maintenance work.
The broad agreement of all fractions was to be heard then also in the statements: "the city council burgkunstadt is with it" and and "we go this common way with" and "the facility will benefit the entire region", said the city councilors knorr, sievert and ulf muller. The building cost subsidy itself was then decided by consensus.
For the development of the lerchenbuhl III construction area (traffic facilities, sewers and water pipes), the contract was awarded to the company strabag, neudrossenfeld, at a bid price of around 540,000 euros, after the tender documents had been reviewed by the engineering firm miller, nuremberg. For the upgrading of the electrical installation in the fire department building in burgkunstadt, the work was awarded to EWH, hochstad, at a gross price of around 65,000 euros. The water pipeline in gartenrother strabe in mainroth and the ring connection of weidenburg-rotsteinstrabe were laid for around 160,000 euros by the company ASK in kulmbach.


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