Changes are in the offing for the hawks

Changes are in the offing for the Hawks

The current season is over for the habfurt hawks and lukas kratschmer is already looking ahead again. Despite repeatedly missing out on promotion to the bavarian league, the up-and-comer, who made the leap from his own junior squad to the first team last september, is "generally satisfied" with the 2019/2020 season satisfied.

Naturally, the "icing on the cake" would have been, reaching the semifinal play-offs, and thus extending the season beyond february, would have been desirable not only for him. "After our strong preliminary round, we are naturally disappointed that it wasn’t enough in the end," says kratschmer, says the 19-year-old, whose debut record is impressive: he scored 18 points (eleven goals) in 40 of 41 possible games. "But", he admits in a sporting fairness "you also have to acknowledge that the other teams have played more consistently and so deserved to be in the top four places."

The hawks’ failure to capitalize on opportunities

After the narrow 3:4 defeat against ESC kempten, the premature "out" was sealed and also the last slide rule could be put in the corner. Kratschmer, who was only unable to play in the final game in bad aibling due to illness, sees two main reasons for this: "on the one hand, our lack of opportunities, especially in power play situations. On the other hand our defensive behavior at the beginning of the promotion round."

Weak start to promotion season

He is right, because the hawks started as "champions of the preliminary round" proverbial catastrophe in the second half of the season. Three points in the first six games, including the highest defeat of the season – a 3:10 in buchloe. Actually, the theme of the bavarian league was on 26. January ended. "After the unsuccessful start in the promotion round, it was naturally difficult to come back. After the first four games we found our form again, but the points we gave away were missing in the end", says the attacker, who agreed with the subsequent chase: six wins in a row kept the dream alive for the time being. In the end, the sharks from allgau turned out to be the spoilsport.

What pissed him off personally: "there were certainly one or two incidents that caused some unrest. That certainly wasn’t good for the overall performance of the team", kratschmer, whose father oliver was active for years for the former ERC habfurt, hopes for calmer waters in the next season. That he is then again a hawk, there is no doubt at least for him. "My goal is to develop with the team further. And for the club and the team, the goal must once again be to move up to the bavarian league.

Oh yes: with the first half of the season he was "less satisfied with himself, because I still lacked a bit of confidence". This deficiency has "from december from week to week" improved and with a few goals the self-confidence as well as the security came back again. "I’m ultimately satisfied with my development over the season. And naturally wants to make next year again a step forward."

ESC habfurt improves slightly compared to last year

Two days earlier than last year, the habfurt hawks ended the season on sunday with the home game in bad aibling. 41 games – as many as in 2018/2019 – they have played since 7. September 2019 contested. And the yield has improved slightly in the process.

In addition to the five victories in the seven preparatory games – including two derby victories against the schweinfurt mighty dogs – the team around trainer volker hartmann achieved great results in the 34 compulsory games – 20 in the preliminary round, 14 in the promotion round. 26 times she walked off the ice a winner. And in year 1 after jakub sramek, michal babkovic took over the role of top scorer: in 33 games, the slovak scored 90 points (49 goals). Babkovic and his teammates scored a total of 217 goals, but also conceded 152 goals.

After the "crowning coburg’s president calls for a "stable federal government" coburg’s president calls for a "stable federal government" coburg’s president calls for a "stable federal government" cobur. Just as disappointing for martin reichert as for kratschmer. The sporting director is "most pleased that certain things have happened as planned and that the team has been even better this year than last season. For the spectators it was the first place in the preliminary round", says the 56-year-old, who does not want to dwell on the repeated failure to win promotion.

Reichert announces management changes

"I was rather annoyed, or rather disappointed, by various events and the behavior of some people", emphasizes reichert, without wanting to talk about details.

He announces changes in the squad for the 2020/2021 season. "This is extremely important and necessary. Not all the players focused on what we thought were the right and important things for a team to succeed. What we can say is that we will almost certainly not see all the players from this season again."

This is also emphasized by andreas kurz, who is satisfied with the economic development. "I think I can say that in the important areas like sponsorship, attendance and membership, to name just a few, we’ve taken a big step forward again.", briefly thanks the porada family for their financial support after the loss of a sponsor. In the summer, "some investments in infrastructure" were made again queue.

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