Charges against former ss guard from hamburg

charges against former ss guard from hamburg

The hamburger was reported to have served as a guard at the stutthof concentration camp near gdansk from august 1944 to april 1945. In the process, he is alleged to have "supported the secretive and cruel killing of jewish prisoners in particular," as the public prosecutor’s office announced on thursday. Because he was only 17 or 18 years old at the time, the 92-year-old is to stand trial before a juvenile division of the hamburg regional court. Earlier, the "welt" had reported about the indictment.

Since the summer of 1944, there has been a systematic killing of camp inmates at the stutthof concentration camp, the prosecutor’s spokeswoman said. "Prisoners were mainly killed by shot in the neck in the crematorium of the camp or by administration of poison gas."Numerous other prisoners were killed by deliberate deprivation of food and the denial of medical care.

Among the defendant’s tasks was to prevent the escape, revolt and liberation of prisoners. "The public prosecutor’s office therefore accuses him, as a "cog in the murder machinery," of having contributed to the implementation of the death order in full knowledge of all the circumstances."

The newspaper "die welt" published the text of statements made by the man during an interrogation in the summer of last year. According to the testimony, he acknowledged his involvement in the concentration camp, but at the same time expressed sympathy for the victims. "I felt sorry for the people who were there". I didn’t know why they were there. I knew well that they were jews who had committed no crimes. Who were only in there because they were jews. And they have just as much right to live and work as any other human being," he is reported to have said.


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