Christmas tech story: Die Exhausting is a Christmas film!

For Christmas 2022, I imagined a futuristic and dystopian world the place a tyrannical authorities forbids anybody to look at the film Die Exhausting on Christmas. The concept is to play on the web meme and the false debate about whether or not or not Die Exhausting is a Christmas film. As a backdrop to this story, I additionally tried to parody components of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and George Orwell’s 1984.

This text serves no different function than to entertain you and take your thoughts off the possibly aggravating vacation season. I want you a superb studying expertise and a cheerful new yr prematurely.

Act 1: A cult film

– “Yippee ki-yay, you poor schmuck!” – Wow, that is so cult-like.

– “Yeah, nicely.”

– “Wait, what are you sulking about now? Have you learnt how lengthy it took me to find that geocache, convey the SSD to life, and decrypt all of the information to search out this gem of a film?”

– “With all of the bans and firefighters burning each single copy for many years, I anticipated higher from the film, that is all.”

– “What? Are you critical, dude? We’re speaking about Die Exhausting right here! THE final Christmas film. That film was launched over 80 years in the past. Why do you assume the Consulate nonetheless will not let anybody watch it till December, huh? Do you assume if it was a silly film, that this Theodren bastard…

– “Proconsul Theodren…”

– “… Yeah, that fucker Proconsul Theodren, nicely, do you assume he’d have enjoyable sending his fireplace departments to raze whole buildings, torture individuals, and burn something that even remotely resembled a replica of Die Exhausting if this film was that lame?”

– “I do not know. In any case, I do not see why the federal government would go to all this bother, significantly. It is clearly not a Christmas film.”

*increase increase schlack*

– “Huh? It is the firemen once more. They broke down Hiro’s door this time. Oh!”

– “What?”

– “They’re taking everybody away. Even his mother and father. Ah, shit. There’s one coming your method.”

– “Lower the crap. I scanned my wristband on the gate earlier than curfew. I am clear.”

*increase increase increase*

– “Mr. Elias Wooden, condo 24b. Open the door!”

– “Do you assume they’re coming for the film?”

– “You guess! Delete the whole lot! Hurry up. They will break down the door!”

*increase… increase… schlack!

– “Woah, hey, relax, we did not do something!”

– “Elias Wooden?”

– “Uh, yeah, that is me. And that is Sarah, my girlfriend. What precisely did we do unsuitable? We’ve all the right credentials and curfew is not for one more three hours. So when you assume you are impressing me together with your plastic armor and Darth Vader helmet, you possibly can go fuck your self…”


Elias should have been nonetheless fascinated about his insult a superb two seconds after having taken a blow to the pinnacle from the fireman’s stick with none warning. He collapsed to the bottom, mouth agape and completely unconscious.

– “That is Kevlar, you little prick.” The fireman who simply knocked Elias out eliminated his chrome helmet that boasted a golden visor and ample safety round his cheeks. In his different hand, Sarah might make out the form of his incinerator rifle, dyed a dirty black like the remainder of his uniform. It is the firefighters’ instrument of alternative, excellent for erasing all traces of the film Die Exhausting, but additionally of their presence.

– “Sapper Sonntag, get your ass in right here! Take the child and all this digital stuff. Burn the remaining.”

– “Sure Corporal, what concerning the suspect?”

– “I mentioned, burn the remaining.”

Act 2: A Christmas film

– “500 fires. You are going to break the squad document once more when you maintain this up Sonntag. Hey, are you listening to me, Winston?!”

– “Hmm? Sure, Corporal. I will do my finest, Corporal.”

This could be the third time in a row that Winston Sonntag would break that well-known document since he was promoted to Sapper 1st Class. However he is stopped counting Christmas Eves spent chasing anti-socials who confuse movie-going with political dissent anyway. Nicely, not likely, however he most well-liked not to consider it an excessive amount of. We’re speaking about actual individuals. Folks he knew, generally. Folks he appreciated, generally. And all this for what, a silly film? Sonntag instantly interrupted this harmful practice of thought.

– “By the best way, Corporal. Did you discover… the movie within the tools we seized from the suspect?”

– “Yeah, the child lastly spilled the beans and we did not even must look far. However why are you asking me that? Do you need to see this film?”

– “What? No, I do not.”

– “Come on, we have all seen at the very least one clip. It is virtually inevitable whenever you’re a fireman.”

– “Not me!”

The corporal smiled, however the refined frown Sonntag seen betrayed a extra pernicious intent than mere mockery.

– “You already know, after I was nonetheless a younger sapper such as you, I had to reply to an emergency cremation. An ex-Consul’s little nephew had been turned in, and we discovered an entire facility to repeat and distribute Die Exhausting en masse.

– “I feel I heard about that on the academy.”

– “Yeah, an actual textbook case. Gotta say, the child was a hell of just a little genius. Precocious kind. His gear was state-of-the-art, not stunning given the uncle’s wealth. And his hand supply, with 1000’s of geocaches everywhere in the metropolis. Hah! He was completely beneath the radar. However worst of all, he virtually had me doubting my mission that little prick. “

– “…”

– “What? Oh come on, do not take a look at me like that; I guess you’ve got had your doubts too generally, proper? It is a counter-intuitive mission. Burning issues whenever you’re a firefighter, it is the world the wrong way up. However that day I actually questioned myself. Whereas his world was falling aside, this wealthy child regarded down on me. You already know, that look that solely the wealthy know methods to do along with his haughty nostrils flaring and his eyes squinting. And he informed me he can scientifically show to me that Die Exhausting is a Christmas film.”

– “One other a type of.”

– “Nah, the man was actually sensible. I virtually believed his bullshit. He began off by pulling out plenty of numbers for me. Do you know that within the film you possibly can see nineteen Christmas bushes altogether? You too can see fifteen different completely different Christmas decorations.”

– “Did he actually matter, corporal?”

– “Wait Sonntag, that is not all. You too can hear twelve completely different Christmas carols and the phrase ‘Christmas’ was talked about 13 instances.”

– “Okay, Corporal, however that does not imply something.”

– “I do know Sonntag, I do know. However what confused me was that the child had plenty of different statistics on plenty of different films. And he pulled up the numbers for the film Mommy, I Missed the Airplane.”

– “A Christmas basic. And?”

– “And, sorry to interrupt it to you, there are extra Christmas references in Die Exhausting than in Mommy Missed the Airplane. But one has been declared apocryphal by the Consulate and viewing it is rather severely punished. And the opposite one is seen as an actual and authorized Christmas film. Is not that humorous?”

– “It is loopy how far these fanatics are keen to go to justify their crimes. It does not matter what number of references there are to Christmas. The Christmas spirit will not be a mathematical or scientific idea. Die Exhausting has nothing to do with the Christmas spirit.”

– Whoa, Sonntag, loosen up. Who’re you making an attempt to impress with this? Or perhaps you are making an attempt to persuade your self?”

Act 3: A Christmas cult film

*Profitable scan. Welcome dwelling, Mr. Sonntag*

– “Thanks, Siri. Flip off the alarm and preheat the oven.”

This Corporal’s numbers factor stored working by way of Sonntag’s head. Was this speculated to be a lesson? A metaphor? Or perhaps a check? Did he suspect one thing? No method!

– “Hey, Siri, de-sac-tify the a-lar-me.”

– “The alarm was de-activated at this time at 5pm. Would you want to show it again on?”

– “Huh, what do you imply? I simply bought dwelling. What the hell, I am positive I did not neglect to activate it after I left for surgical procedure this morning. Siri, name the firehouse!”

Montag turned again to the doorway of his condo, wanting round for his service weapon. Too late.! He felt his legs give method beneath him, simply earlier than he skilled a stabbing ache behind his head.

– “Hey. Hey! Get up, asshole!”

– “Huh? What? Who the hell are you? And what the hell are you doing in my home?!”

Sonntag spent the primary thirty seconds after waking up blinking with a blissful look in his eyes, simply sufficient time to recollect the monumental headache attributable to his assailant. Ah, no, his obvious assailant.

– “You are the child we picked up this morning.”

– “Nicely performed, Sapper First Class Winston Sonntag. I am Sarah. And the man you let burn in your wonderful five hundredth fireplace this morning was Elias. I’ve realized quite a bit about you since we first met.”

– “Look, uh, Sarah. I do not understand how you bought out of the firehouse or into my home. However are you aware what you are risking by taking over a consular officer? What would you like? Revenge? Your Elias made his selections.”

– “Winston Sonntag. You are an actual celebrity on the firehouse. The crown jewel of the Ninth District, I hear. An actual little minion of the Consulate, completely satisfied that Die Exhausting is not a Christmas film and that watching it needs to be punished with out exception, proper?”

Sonntag was about to reply, however the frightened child he’d seen this morning breaking down the door of that 24b condo did not look so innocent anymore. He guessed the silhouette of his service weapon, perched at her waist, hidden beneath her prime. The lady’s darkish eyes could also be targeted on him, however her gaze appears to pierce by way of him, to the purpose of ignoring him.

– “What’s your level?”

– “Why do you could have a replica of Die Exhausting at dwelling, Sapper 1st Class Sonntag?

– “Lower the crap. Get to the purpose.”

– “And never simply any copy. Collector’s version, metallic Blu-ray field set. It is a rarity. It is a miracle the information on the disc stays readable in any case this time. Have you ever tried watching it?”

– “…”

– “After all I’ve. Because it occurs, we regularly preach in opposition to our personal sins. But when I informed you that I might show and persuade you that Die Exhausting is a Christmas film. Would you let me stroll away together with your copy and never say something to your expensive corporal?”

– “Are you going to do it too? You are going to provide you with one other a type of wild theories and inform me what number of instances you see a fucking Christmas tree on this film, aren’t you?!”

– “No. Solely these Consul sheep consider that the spirit of Christmas may be decreased to arithmetic or scientific formulation. I am speaking concerning the essence of this film. It’s intrinsically linked to Christmas.”

– “You are losing your time, I’ve already referred to as the firehouse. My brigade will likely be right here any minute.”

– “In Die Exhausting, John McClain would by no means have gone to Los Angeles if he wasn’t coming to attempt to see his youngsters and make things better along with his spouse for Christmas.

– “Shut up and get out when you can.”

– “What concerning the terrorists? They wanted the Nakatomi Tower to be largely empty, however nonetheless have just a few individuals they might take hostage. The workplace Christmas occasion was important to their plan. This tried heist couldn’t have taken place on every other day than Christmas Day.”

– “…”

– “Ah, you see? You are starting to know Sonntag! However I am not performed but. John McClain additionally went by way of the quintessential Christmas protagonist arc. He began out not being within the Christmas spirit, had household issues, and loathed the Christmas ambiance in every single place. He then started a journey of initiation that made him notice the significance of his household, and he discovered the love of his life and overcame his difficulties. The movie ends with a basic Christmas tune.”

*increase increase increase*

– “Ah, I feel your fellow firemen are right here. Are they coming to save lots of you or are they coming to burn the traitor who’s been holding a replica of Die Exhausting dwelling all these years?

*increase increase increase*

– “You see, Sonntag, I feel that like John McClain, you are at a crossroads in your life. You’ve got spent your complete life hating the Christmas spirit and also you by no means actually knew why. And now you are about to embark on that journey of initiation. You’ve got to choose now. Select to burn your copy of Die Exhausting and the whole lot stops, then you possibly can have candy desires and assume no matter you need. Select to look at Die Exhausting at Christmas, you keep in Wonderland and we go down an infinite gap with the white rabbit.”

*increase increase increase*

– “…”

– “So? What’s your alternative, Sonntag?”


That is it for this Christmas Carol 2022. I hope you loved it. In the event you did not, you may need to take a look at the earlier two episodes. The primary one is a parody of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and the second is a delirium of references to Mommy, I Missed the Airplane, and Horizon Zero Daybreak.

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