Citizens’ initiative seeks citizens’ referendum for introduction of yellow garbage can

Citizens' initiative seeks citizens' referendum for introduction of yellow garbage can

Of the initiators of the young list habberge (JL), the county councilors holger baunacher, alexander ambros, isabell zimmer and thomas wagenhauser informed the approximately 30 interested parties on wednesday evening at the hotel goger in augsfeld. For several years, the company has been dealing with the issue of the "yellow garbage can" holger baunacher reported that he wanted to bring the issue closer to his colleagues in the district council. Unfortunately, there are many district councillors who are against "revolutionization" by nature of the collection system introduced in 1992. For this reason, it was decided to found a BI and to push the matter forward together with the inhabitants of the district. The facebook group "yellow garbage can for the district of habberge" is also very popular!?!", which already has over 4600 members.
In a detailed presentation, alexander ambros outlined the facts that speak in favor of introducing the yellow garbage can. The disposal of the sales packaging had already paid the burger with his purchase. The dual system would then dispose of this packaging waste free of charge for the municipalities. At the moment, the district receives around 32,000 euros a year from the dual system for the rent of the container sites in the recycling centers. The containers into which the burger throws its packaging, neatly separated, are provided and emptied by a company commissioned by the dual system.

"Residual waste volume lower"

This rent would, of course, cease to apply when the yellow garbage can was introduced. But the amount can easily be compensated without burdening the citizen with an additional increase of the garbage fees.
According to holger baunacher, the disposal of lightweight packaging in the habberge district fell by 0.60 to 14.90 kilograms per inhabitant in 2017. At the same time, the volume of residual waste increased by 0.80 kilos per inhabitant compared to the previous year. This means that we are at the bottom of the league in lower franconia as far as the rate of light packaging is concerned. The top-ranking districts and independent cities disposed of more than twice as much via the dual system. It can therefore be assumed that the volume of residual waste will fall with the yellow garbage can, as it is much more convenient for citizens to separate waste directly into the garbage can at home. As a result, the total cost of mull was also reduced, because less mull had to be burned in the schweinfurt heating power plant.
In addition, it would be possible to save on personnel costs in the recycling centers, alexander ambros added. In other counties, employees who had to be parted with were given severance pay. The district of habberge could also afford this, because a very large sum had been set aside for the expansion of the recycling center in hofheim, which was no longer necessary with the yellow garbage can.
But even if the same number of staff were to be retained as at present, this would mean an additional burden of only around 60 cents per month and inhabitant. But here it is necessary to take into account the personal expenses of each person. Because today a lot of time is still needed for sorting and travel costs to the recycling centers are incurred. The burger could save himself the trouble.
The meeting unanimously decided to launch a citizens’ initiative. Signature lists are expected to be available in the next four weeks. Time is running out, however, because a contract with the dual system is due to be renewed for three years at the beginning of 2019. "We would like to see the yellow garbage can introduced on 1 january 2009. January 2020, because the current contract expires one day earlier", said holger baunacher.

Over 4100 burgers needed

Six percent of eligible voters must indicate their willingness to vote in favor of the yellow garbage can on the signature lists. That’s about 4100 citizens. If this hurdle is taken, a referendum had to be held within three months. The majority, but at least 15 percent of the electorate, must vote for the yellow garbage can.

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