Claudia resch says goodbye after 23 years

Claudia resch says goodbye after 23 years

After a church service in the pilgrimage church "maria geburt the longtime church caretaker claudia resch says goodbye. This responsible office held for more than 23 years.

Father waldemar brysch gave her a heartfelt "vergelt’s gott" on behalf of the parish community!" From. It is not natural for a woman to carry out this responsible, sometimes annoying and time-consuming job. The church caretaker claudia resch has not only carried out her honorary office with head and mind, but she has also been there with her heart.

Claudia resch has taken over the honorary position of church administrator from her father 23 years ago and has had to overcome many difficult phases. For example, the renovation of the church’s exterior and other repairs and maintenance brought with it many a dicey financial situation that could be mastered. In his words of thanks, father waldemar emphasized that it was always important for her to maintain contact with the respective parish priest or parish administrator. He presented a gift to the church administrator, who had left the church at her own request, as a token of appreciation.

Even though it was sometimes stressful, the office also gave her pleasure and joy when tricky situations could be solved for the good of the church community, said claudia resch. Eh


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