Closure: green light for the b470 near adelsdorf

Closure: green light for the b470 near adelsdorf

Breathing a sigh of relief in adelsdorf: as planned, the road rehabilitation of the B470 is to be completed this weekend. Closures in the municipal area and detours will then be lifted. The state building authority of nurnberg, the builder of the mabnahme, had issued a suspension until 31. August announced. If everything goes according to plan, it stays that way.

The traffic lights installed at the intersection with ERH 16 are expected to be put into operation on tuesday. The traffic lights are already in place, workers draw weibe road markings. In adelsdorf, hopes nevertheless continue to be pinned on a traffic circle connecting the B 470 with the entrances to adelsdorf and neuhaus (ERH 16).

Continued hope for a traffic circle

"We will continue to follow this critically and see if it works the way we were told it would", emphasizes mayor karsten fischkal (). It was a unanimous decision in the district council to plan a traffic circle, he recalled at a recent meeting of the council. But he’s not a principled driver: "if it turns out that the traffic lights are working, then hats off to you, says fischkal. Of course, this will only become clear in the near future.

For now, fischkal is glad the lockdown will end soon. "There was no major traffic chaos", says fischkal. There were indeed obstructions, but most of them were rather isolated and temporary.

"It was a burden for the residents in the residential areas", emphasizes fischkal. Especially on the detour route from the lausbergring over the eisweiher to the bahnhofstrabe was significantly more traffic.

The one-way street in the main street also caused confusion, not all road users observed it properly. "At the beginning it was difficult until people got used to it", says thomas gamm, deputy police chief of hochstadt. Due to the burger complaints, the police had intensified controls, in the beginning even on a daily basis.

Many warnings

The police had to issue around 100 verbal warnings on the very first day of the lockdown. "If there hadn’t been consistent controls, it had taken even longer for people to realize that", according to gamm. After the initial phase, it was no longer just verbal warnings, fines were levied. With time, the traffic violations had decreased.

Not only the people of adelsdorf had to suffer from the closure, but also the residents of medbach. Entire convoys snaked through the tranquil village. Here, too, the residents were soon able to breathe again.

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