“Club” double spoils ex-coach hecking’s mood

Dieter hecking was in a great mood for a long time. But then timmy simons and per nilsson spoiled their former coach’s easter sunday. "Mablos pissed" was the new coach of vfl wolfsburg after the 2:2 (2:0) against 1. FC nurnberg.

Hecking admits he thought "scheib-gegentor" when he scored the equalizer. The coach, who moved from france to lower saxony almost three months ago, had to realize once again that the job at the vfl is much more difficult than he had thought when he made the switch. "It’s about general, not that it was against nurnberg," he said: "it was a mirror image of the ruckrunde."

Hecking watched in shock as his former team turned around a bundesliga game it had almost lost and scored twice with defensive players simons and nilsson (61. And 66. Minute) got another point.

One of hecking’s favorite players from nurnberg’s days, of all people, gave up after the half-time lead by diego (2.) and ivica olic (27.) the signal for the turnaround. "I didn’t know he could score from so far away," said the vfl coach with a subdued expression after the belgian’s great goal from a good 25 meters: "i don’t give him much credit for the goal today."

Hecking lacks a player like simons in wolfsburg. In the feeling of seemingly certain victory, the vfl pros did not follow their coach’s half-time instructions, suddenly left the midfield to nurnberg and were punished for it. "I made it clear that they are a team – and i know them well enough – that will be back. Some of the players didn’t pay attention," the coach complained. The tactical change to a 4-1-3-2 system with two strikers had paid off by then.

But it was not a question of the lineup. "You’ve got everything under control – and in the second half we’re giving the rooms away. We fell far too deep at the back," criticized the vfl coach. No turnaround in tenth match under hecking either. Wolfsburg missed the chance to get into the fight for a european cup spot after all.

At the most his former club can dream of that. After eight games without a defeat, the team coached by michael wiesinger for the last three months is free of relegation worries and can look upwards. At least simons didn’t want to talk about it and assured with the most popular of all football phrases: "we only think from game to game"."

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