“Cocktail summer night” as a thank you to the ebenhauser youth

Two young entrepreneurs who have been active in ebenhausen for many years for various associations and especially for young people are celebrating 2018 with their company "seto’s cocktail bar" celebrate their fifth anniversary and will donate the proceeds to youth work.

The name "seto is composed of the first letters of the first names of the two owners of the company, namely sebastian dees and tobias kebler. The two young men are quasi from the church youth work, the youth meeting "gobmannkeller", they grew out of it, where they worked for several years and then developed the idea of a mobile bar.

Chairman of the association and commander

Their small business with a mobile rentable cocktail bar was founded five years ago and has since established itself at family, club, and company parties. The two millennials, who are also chairman of the local sports club and commander of the ebenhausen volunteer fire department, emphasize that they would like to celebrate their anniversary together with the people of ebenhausen and have chosen a special place for it.

Since the parish hall has been renovated and the idyllic parish garden is available for use, it was clear that they wanted to celebrate a summer night party in the romantic ambience of this garden. Saturday, 25. August, the "cocktail summer night" will be held there from 7 p.M. Onwards. Food and drinks – in addition to the cocktails, there will of course also be non-alcoholic drinks – are provided and dees and kebler have also thought of the summer night flair with torches and candles as well as the right music.

"Trio speziale" with handmade music

With the "trio speziale you have hired a newly founded band, which plays handmade music without verstarker. The three musicians around florian kirchner, who is well known in ebenhausen music circles and who is also a member of the band "handmade" is cover a wide musical spectrum from jazz to bossa, swing and pop.

"We would like to give something back to our hometown and organize a party for all ages, not only for young people. Everyone who wants to celebrate with us is very welcome", says sebastian dees. He hopes for good weather, because the proceeds should not go into his own pocket, but completely benefit the local youth work.

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