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Cold wave comes just in time

Cold wave comes just in time

Poets, women smoke rises above the adelsdorf woodchip plant on the building yard grounds. This is a sign of the unusually high consumption of wood. The smoke consists mainly of water vapor, because the wood chips contain about a quarter of their weight of water, which evaporates during combustion. The crisp cold is the reason why the community of adelsdorf’s wood chip plant is currently running at full speed.

Wolfgang moblein, the head of the adelsdorf energy company, explains: "it only gets this cold every five years, and this year it’s that time again. That is why we need more wood at the moment." Normally more wood is needed in january, but this month has been warmer than average compared to now. "Fortunately, we get a lot of fuel from the preparatory clearing work for the six-lane expansion of the A3. We have secured a part of this wood and can now calmly face this short or perhaps longer cold wave", he is happy.

Wood has high calorific value

"Due to the very good quality of the material – it is mostly hardwood – we can run the plant with 20 percent more power than usual." Normally the wood chip plant is run with soft wood from the surrounding area, which has a lower heating value than hard wood.

The building yard has been permanently supplied with wood from the highway since december. The warehouses are overflowing and the bunkers are full. Markus grobkopf, the municipality’s material foreman, doesn’t break a sweat on his tractor with loading shovel, but there’s no shortage of work at the moment. Actually moblein is even happy about the cold wave, because he had originally ordered too much wood. In january was produced a quarter less warm than now.

At present, all municipal properties – the building yard, fire department, town hall, catholic parish center, town hall pharmacy, castle, school with swimming pool and aischgrundhalle – are heated in the best possible way. In addition, the 27 apartments of the VR bank on the former sports field will soon be added, as will the planned 21 apartments of the merciful brothers near the aischgrundhalle.

So it can stay cold for a while longer. Snow was not bad either. A winter without frost and snow would shake up the natural world. In the production of plants the cold is missing. Two, three degrees below zero are good for plant growth. Frost and snow are a part of life for plants and nature as a whole.

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