Colorful evening is a well-rounded affair in eltmann

colorful evening is a well-rounded affair in eltmann

A "colorful evening" in the truest sense of the word experienced the eltmanner, which came on saturday on invitation of the fruit and horticulture association and the burgermeisters in the city hall. There was music, acrobatics, show – and at the end colorful flowers, just like in the past at the flower decoration ceremony, whose successor event is the colorful evening.

Mayor michael ziegler and club chairman manfred kronert were delighted with the full house and the "albertos" had already conjured up the best atmosphere in the hall by the third song. The two unicyclists nora koppitz and anna just from TV hofheim were in no way inferior to them. To cheeky song lyrics, they performed spirited feats on the unicycle, which received great recognition from the audience and were rewarded with much applause.

Manfred kronert was pleased that the colorful evening, now in its fourth year, has obviously been well received by the people, as a glance at the rows of participants showed. He said that the fruit and gardening association was keen to help shape the image of eltmann and its neighborhoods, but also the way they lived together. Every place has something special, says kronert, and in the best case, gardens and the flower decorations on the houses reflect the character of the cooperation between the municipality, the associations and the people.

According to manfred kronert, a lot has been done in eltmann in recent years to improve the quality of living. The activities of the city and the building yard, as well as the efforts of the house owners, are all part of making people feel at home in their surroundings. Every facade decoration and every garden is a gift to the city, he says. The colorful evening, organized by the fruit and gardening association together with the city, is intended as a small token of thanks for the commitment of the citizens in this way.

This was also emphasized by mayor michael ziegler. He paid the fruit and garden association great respect for its commitment, whether with this colorful evening or with the many activities throughout the year. Such an evening should also reward those who do so much work in secret. "Downhearted people are stuck, but praise gives wings", the mayor was confident. It speaks for eltmann that so many citizens are committed to the common good.

Two extra class variete artists provided further highlights of the evening. Rodolfo reyes is spanish born and a proven balance artist, even reigning world champion. Standing on his head, he juggled and received loud bravos for his body control. His wife terisa comes from england and also impresses with her high body control and graceful performance. She showed her art with glittering hola-hoop hoops and at the end an impressive combination of dance and light in the "magic globe".

With a flower raffle and music from the "albertos an all-around successful evening concluded, praised in the highest tones by the attendees. Invitation was issued to two other events of the fruit and garden association, namely the grandma-opa-enkel excursion on the 29th. July (sunday), and on 2. September (sunday) the spatsommerfest takes place again with


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