Comeback of old regional license plates draws nearer

Comeback of old regional license plates draws nearer

The comeback of old regional abbreviations on car license plates in germany is getting closer. Several federal states are now making concrete preparations to reapply to the federal government for combinations of letters that had been dropped during territorial reforms. In some municipalities, interested car owners are already coming forward, according to a survey of state ministries by the german press agency. The first reactivated shorts could therefore probably still be issued at the turn of the year. This has been possible since 1. November regulation of the federal ministry of transport, which must first approve the combinations at the request of the lander, however.

"Whether the old license plates can already be under the christmas tree is still unclear," said a spokesman for the ministry of transport in north rhine-westphalia, which wants to allow eleven short plates again. Among them are WAT for wattenscheid or CAS for castrop-rauxel. Around the turn of the year it could be so far. In rhineland-palatinate, the ministry of infrastructure assumes that old shortcuts "can be issued this year at any rate.

Six counties want to be involved, others are still reviewing or have decided against it.

Saxony-anhalt plans to send a list of 38 additional markers of old counties to the federal ministry of transportation in the coming days, according to a transportation ministry spokesman. In hesse, seven counties want to bring back additional old letter combinations. "There was a rough demand. This also has to do with local patriotism," said a spokesman for the ministry of transport. In schleswig- holstein, for the time being only eckernforde wants to have the abbreviation ECK back.

In saxony, even registration offices are already showing interest. "Up to ten callers a day want to find out about their desired short," said a spokesman for the district of meiben. Most of them wanted to have the old license plates RIE for riesa or GRH for grobenhain reinstated. 350 reservations have been made at the gorlitz district office. Saxony wants to reintroduce a total of 45 old license plates.

In mecklenburg-vorpommern, the district of vorpommern-greifswald was the first to apply for the revival of old license plates, such as ANK for anklam or PW for pasewalk. Brandenburg’s minister of transport, jorg vogelsanger (SPD), wants to inform the district councils by mail about the new legal situation and expects feedback by the end of november. In baden- wurttemberg, more than a dozen municipalities have long been interested in old license plates, such as LEO for leonberg. By mid november, the government prasidia will bundle the requests, according to a spokesman for the transport ministry in stuttgart. The ministry will review the application and then pass it on to the federal government.


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