Csu district parliamentary group meets for retreat in marktsteft

Csu district parliamentary group meets for retreat in marktsteft

"If the CSU as the strongest fraction in the state parliament is the heart chamber of bavarian politics, then the CSU district parliament fraction is the heart chamber of politics between geiselwind and gnodstadt", CSU state parliament member barbara becker underlined the self-confidence of the 18 CSU district councilors at the second fraction retreat in marktsteft, it says in a press release.

The CSU’s desire to play an active role in shaping the city is demonstrated by proposals such as the call for reusable systems for to-go coffee or the introduction of subsidized demand charges for young people and senior citizens. In order to structure their own work even more strongly, the christian socialists took a close look at the topics of ecology, culture and mobility.

In the area of culture, it is not only the 100-million-euro project "kitzingen state archives" that needs to be secured. It is also important for the CSU to take sufficient time in the development of the environmental education center decided on at the marktsteft site in order to bring a maximum of demand resources to the kitzingen district.

With a view to mobility, the CSU district council feels it is not ideal that points such as the 50:50 cab or barrier-free station expansion are to be postponed until after 2022. He also said that the experience of care problems in the corona era meant that it was necessary to make up for lost ground with regard to the regulations on the freedom to travel to school in munich. For the work at the district level, the CSU district councillors worked out top issues such as "user-friendliness", "choice of means of transport", "timing", etc., which should structure the development process of the mobility concept suggested by the CSU together with the burghers.

Finally, the CSU district councillors turned their attention to the subject of water and decided, after an appeal by reinhold kuhn, to have the water system installed in volkach explained to them on the spot. "We have many wine-growing communities that need watering in the wake of climate change," says otto hunnerkopf, pointing out that the CSU has been campaigning for years in the state parliament for a corresponding pilot requirement in the district of kitzingen.

Dieter haag and gerhard schenkel underlined the importance of the municipalities of sulzfeld, marktsteft and volkach and their sources for the region’s water supply and suggested an information visit to sulzfeld to have the complex hydrogeological models explained to them. Farmer gertrud schwab explained that many things are measured at measuring points 2.5 or 8 meters deep, but not groundwater pollution. It was unanimously decided to raise the issue in the district council, inviting the relevant experts.

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