Daum team flattened at the end – stroke of genius by schlaudraff

Daum team flattened at the end - stroke of genius by schlaudraff

The performance of the belgian team without stars and big names against a cash-strong 96 team, however, commanded respect. The result, in a game played with passion and without tactical constraints, gives both teams a chance to reach the eighth finals.

"Hannover won the first half, the second will be played next week in brugge," said daum. His pre-match assessment that the bundesliga was of a different caliber was impressively confirmed during the 90 minutes on thursday evening. Only when brugge was flat after 65 minutes, did the bundesliga seventh turn a jolt into a well-deserved victory. "96 was able to follow up. I had to leave some players on the field who were already running on fumes," analyzed the former stuttgart champion coach.

His colleague mirko slomka, whose team once again impressively proved its suitability for europe, praised above all the morale after the 0:1 through maxime lestienne (51. Minute). "This was a severe blow. We had a short chuckle and didn’t let up," said the 96 coach. With the substitution of artur sobiech, he had the right touch. Polish striker scores equalizer (73).), and sobiech also took the penalty kick that the crafty jan schlaudraff (80.) converted the winning goal with a stroke of genius in the style of antonin panenka in 1976.

"When the penalty is in, it’s brilliant. If not, I’d like to listen to mirko in the booth afterward," daum sub-sourly commented on the cheeky lobe. "I am glad that everything went well. I assumed that the goalkeeper would decide to take a corner," said schlaudraff, commenting on the scene of the game. Brugge did not have a professional like him. The ex-national player initially swirled in the attacking midfield, after the injury of goaljager mohammed abdellaoue (37.) in the forward line and after the substitution of "joker" sobiech again behind the tips.

In the end, the belgians were well served with the narrow defeat. Hanover 96 missed numerous chances in front of 42,000 enthusiastic fans and felt disadvantaged by some of the referee’s decisions. "We’re a little sad that we didn’t get a bigger head start," said central defender emanuel pogatetz. The austrian, who is suspended for sunday’s bundesliga home match against stuttgart, has his work cut out for him next thursday in brugge.

96-goalkeeper ron-robert ruzball has no worries despite the tight program. His self-confidence has risen significantly since his first international match. For him, hannover’s european journey continues: "the team is disappointed with the result, but i am convinced that we will advance to the next round."


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