Demo before the city council meeting

Demo before the city council meeting

Much ado about nothing – this is how the discussion about a possible change of ownership of the three municipal children’s homes in upper burglab, creidlitz and seidmannsdorf could be summed up. As soon as the many concerned parents, educators and children from the affected facilities had taken their seats in the town hall on thursday, mayor norbert kastner (SPD) surprised them with a statement: "there is indeed a discussion about possible changes of sponsor – but no application for a new one." In other words, there was no reason to discuss or even vote on a change of sponsor.

Only for the kinderhaus am oberen burglab, for whose staff there has so far been a complicated construction via the sisterhood, a decision had to be made regarding the future (also municipal) staff sponsorship.

Monika ufken (SPD) had nevertheless wanted a basic decision so that there would be long-term planning security for the kinderhausers. But kastner emphasized once again: "all three will remain in the hands of the city – until someone wants something else and applies for it. It’s always like that in life."

Christian muller (CSB) was "astonished": the savings report commissioned by the city council had recommended a change of provider, because there was potential for savings. The fact that everything will now remain in the hands of the city is "not fair" to those, where the city had very well applied the red pencil. Muller cited the city youth association as an example.

"But we are nowhere short with daycare centers", kastner clarified and also defended the higher staffing rate applied at the kinderhaus am oberen burglab due to its special concept, which gerhard amend (CSB) described as "not fair" was criticized in comparison to the other kitas. "We have decided on this cross-age concept", said the mayor, "and I stand by it, too". Will there be the same concept in the kinderhaus at the upper burglab as in the other kinderhauses, will the staffing requirements drop. That was according to kammerer wilhelm austen "just under two full-time positions" 77,700 per annum.

It was unanimously decided that the city would take over the staffing of the children’s house on the upper burglab.

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