Eichhorn celebrates 80. Birthday

Eichhorn celebrates 80. Birthday

Eckehard kiesewetter untermerzbach – walter eichhorn has always been someone who gives 100 percent, often more than he feels. This is not how the local politician from itzgrund likes to see retirement at 67. Only shortly before his 70th birthday. In 2008, he stepped down as head of the untermerzbach community because the legal age limit forced him to retire. For ten years now he has borne the honorary title of altburgermeister, a tribute to high merit.

Tomorrow, sunday, 25. November, walter eichhorn can celebrate his 80th. Celebrating his birthday. For three terms of office, the free elector was head of the town hall of the municipality he likes to call the "pearl of the itzgrund" including twelve years as full-time mayor of the city. Eichhorn himself saw himself less as a leader than as the "first servant of the community" and performed his task with love, body and soul. Eloquent, diligent and stubborn, he represented his convictions and the concerns of his citizens.

Self-reliance pushed through

During eichhorn’s term of office, untermerzbach broke away from the administrative community / VG ebern and once again became an independently administered municipality. He was responsible for the construction of the town’s own water supply and sewage system, the designation of new building areas, as well as land consolidation and village renewal measures; the expansion of the itz began, as did the development of a tourist infrastructure. More than 31 million euros were invested in his ara.

Born in bamberg, he worked his way up to the position of chief postal administrator. For 25 years, he also scored points as a soccer coach in untermerzbach, memmelsdorf, hallstadt and bamberg with qualities such as discipline, assertiveness and strategic thinking. The family and association man eichhorn received several awards, including the bronze municipal medal of merit and the municipal pin of honor.


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