Elephant-oma has a weak attack – fire department arrives with crane

elephant-oma has a weak attack - fire department arrives with crane

At 53, tina the elephant is one of the oldest animals of her species in europe, the zoo announced. The elephant cow had lain down for a midday nap on a damp sand mound in its enclosure and then never came up again. Elephant keepers and veterinarians were unable to lift the 3.4-ton animal up with human strength, so the fire department had to be called in as emergency helpers.
Until their arrival tina was cooled with water, she also got several infusions and emergency medication. "Similar to old horses that lie down for a long time, old elephants can also suffer cardiac arrest", zoo spokeswoman christiane reib explained the precautionary measures. However, it had not been easy to pull the loops of the crane under tina. The heavy animal always had to be moved around a bit on the ground. But finally the community action was successful. "We are very relieved that it worked out", said reib.
"Rollators and walking aids are enough for people, but that’s no longer possible for such a large animal, explained zoo director andreas knieriem. "Thanks to the great readiness of the fire department and the hellabrunn team, we were able to help the old lady elephant this time."
According to the zoo, tina has been losing weight for a year, even though she is already receiving special food, supplements and medication. Already at the end of february, she had circulatory problems and difficulties getting up, at that time she was still able to get up on her own by the animal keepers. "Tina is a very old lady elephant", said knieriem. "We do everything we can to enable her to grow old in a way that is worth living."

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