Emergency forces are prepared for emergency in the brk home

Emergency forces are prepared for emergency in the brk home

The fire departments from hochstadt and etzelskirchen as well as the bavarian red cross (BRK), which has its rescue station right next to the home, were called to a room fire in the east wing of the BRK senior citizens’ home in etzelskirchen on monday evening. Fortunately, it was only an evacuation, which was announced to the helpers, but they did not know what the scenario would be.

Immediately after arrival, firefighters from auben took a look at the situation. Smoke came from a room with a balcony on the upper floor. "Is there anyone up there?", a firefighter called. Afterwards two vehicles drove in front of the building and the turntable ladder was extended. Firefighters entered the room via the balcony and rescued two test persons via the turntable ladder. "The aim of the exercise is to test the communication between the fire and rescue services and to try out the space conditions, because it is also very cramped here, wolfgang knapp of the BRK explained.

Realistic timeline

At the end of the exercise, the rescue teams had rescued a total of four people, two of whom represented moderately injured persons, and two others simulated the seriously injured. In the event of an emergency, the latter would have been transported immediately to bamberg or erlangen, the moderately injured to the hospitals in hochstadt or forchheim. The timing was for emergency doctor dr. Thomas ruppert is realistic: "after an hour, everything is clear, all the injured have been sighted. The seriously injured had already been transported away", he said.

Even the case that the emergency services cannot help everyone was simulated. A doll represented a person who did not survive. A crisis intervention team (KIT) is requested for this case. Chaplains will then look after both members of the service and the emergency forces. "Such a practice is not compulsory", so succinctly. But the old people’s home, together with the adjacent BRK and the two fire departments, decided to rehearse the serious case and to check the procedures.


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