Escape from the ashes: skeletons found in pompeii

escape from the ashes: skeletons found in pompeii

In pompeii archaeologists have made another important find. In the excavation site south of naples were found skeletons and bone remains of five people, as the director massimo osanna told the news agency ansa.

It is most likely the remains of two women and three children who sought shelter in a bedroom before the volcanic eruption. In addition to the bones, a part of a bed or a sofa was also found.

The bones were found in the same house where a new inscription was discovered last week, which is supposed to prove that vesuvius buried pompeii two months later than previously thought. The breakout date could now be set instead of the 24. August 79 after christ the 24. October 79.

Osanna spoke on wednesday of an important find that could provide further insight into the fatal outbreak. "The ashes had been falling on pompeii for 18 long hours," osanna reconstructed. Lava has already penetrated everywhere, "collapsing the roofs, filling the trenches". An escape could not have been possible then. The women had perhaps placed the furniture in front of the door to stop the force of the ashes. In vain. They died.


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