European winegrowing countries harvest only small crops

european winegrowing countries harvest only small crops

In spain and italy, winegrowers are expecting a drop of between five and twelve percent compared to last year, the german wine institute announced in mainz on wednesday. French vineyards were hit by frost and hail in many places. According to earlier statements by french agriculture minister stephane le foll, the leanest grape harvest in more than two decades is expected.

According to the wine institute, austria, hungary, bulgaria and luxembourg are each currently forecasting a drop of more than one-fifth compared to 2011. The vines had suffered from extremes such as heat, drought and storms. Only portuguese wine producers are expecting a slight increase in volume of five percent. In germany, winegrowers expect a harvest slightly below the long-term average. The wine institute expects that the 2012 EU wine harvest will not reach the five-year average of 173 million hectoliters or the previous year’s harvest of 164 million hectoliters.

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