“Exploiting the potential of the ermershauser fir trees”

When a forester comes to a town hall meeting or a town council meeting, you really expect to hear about the management of the community forest. But it was a different story for wolfgang meiners, the forestry officer responsible for ermershausen at the schweinfurt office for food, agriculture and forestry (AELF): at the castle meeting on wednesday evening at the "goldener schwan" inn, he presented the following ideas and suggestions the "ermershauser tanne in the focus of its excursions.
Meiners almost went into a tizzy when he talked about the "ermershauser tanne", which is called norway spruce here, lectured. "The mighty fir on hellinger weg has the recognition that you can get approved seed from it", said the forester. The silver fir is the ecological alternative to spruce, which is important in times of climate change. He said that it was important to preserve the coniferous area in order to make the forest fit for the future.
Meiners listed a number of tree species that have had problems with climate change, and came back to the fir. "We can use the potential of our ermershauser fir trees," he said, the forester was convinced. The stock at the hellinger weg was considered as seed stock, which had shown corresponding tests. In 2012, he said, he was informed that he could obtain and sell seed from the fir trees in ermershausen. "Seed from our thick fir, designated W 19, is stored in a gene database and entered in the european seed register", wolfgang meiners reported.
In an almost scientific excursus, he showed how the fir came to ermershausen. 36 kilograms of seed could be obtained in 2013. From one kilogram of this excellent material, 24,000 plants could be grown. He lifted one of them, a four-year-old samling, and showed it to the meeting attendees. For 1,60 euro per piece these seedlings were sold. These seedlings were grown and potted using a special procedure in the bayreuth correctional facility. The "first fir of its kind finally, mayor gunter pfeiffer (free choice) handed over to his predecessor in office, werner dohler, who together with forester wolfgang meiners had supported the recognition as seed during his time in office.
The mayor went on to say that every family in ermershausen will receive a fir tree as a gift from the municipality. "1500 firs have already arrived at our place, stored at my father’s place", said gunter pfeiffer. His father commented: "they are guarded by my dog." Orders are accepted by the municipality.
Since there was a lot of wood on the market as a result of storm damage, people in ermershausen had held back on felling, meiners said. Now we will start again with the felling, which will be carried out by a professional company. "We are going to make a book hit. Spruces and pines also arrive", he said. Eleven oaks have already been laid down for submission at the timber yard near ebern. "This is wood for barrel oaks, with which we can achieve a fixed meter price between 600 and 800 euros", said meiners. The municipality of ermershausen offers 280 hectares of coarse forest in the "toten mann", also firewood for self-pickers on.
Mayor pfeiffer gave a long explanation of the community’s history. An important message that everyone likes to hoard: "we are currently debt-free." However, he immediately dampened the euphoria, as the community was faced with projects that would quickly change this situation. In this context, he cited figures from the budget, which in 2017 had a volume of 2.6 million euros.
Pfeiffer showed what had been invested in the kindergarten in ermershausen: costs had been incurred for the heating tank room, for the water pipe, the stairs in the entrance area, and also for the children’s playground.
"Rough projects are this year place designs", pfeiffer explained. He named the squares at zollhaus and fresengasse. The most extensive construction in the area of the guesthouse is currently in progress. He made one thing clear, because he is repeatedly confronted with inquiries: "the community only assumes costs for its own areas, not for private area landscaping." He thanked all, which showed themselves here constructively.
In the village channels had to be "driven" to determine why there are significant influxes of extraneous water. A result for this is not yet available.
Another task area is the clearing plant in birkenfeld. There the cleaning values did not fit, which was also the case in schweinshaupten. For this reason, an appointment has already been made with the water management office in schweinfurt, with the participation of the municipality of ermershausen. The entire village of ermershausen is to be provided with free wi-fi. This had already been done in part, but was to be extended. He called on private individuals to set up routers paid for by the municipality. "If we can do this, it will be unique," said the mayor, said gunter pfeiffer. Contact person: andreas franz.
The youth work will continue to be supported by the municipality and the demand per youth has been increased from 7.50 to ten euros. "With this we honor the work of associations with young people." Pfeiffer referred to the "forget-me-not" project of the friedrich-ruckert-gymnasium ebern, which deals with the fate of jewish children, including those from ermershausen. "An impressive and moving documentary", said the mayor.
The calculation of the water fees must be made anew. With an auand of 145 000 euro only 94 000 euro came in again at present. "There is a need for action", explained pfeiffer. The quantities purchased dropped drastically; they currently stood at 21,000 cubic meters, compared to the 28,000 that had been calculated. The consumption prices per cubic meter should remain unchanged at 2.50 euros and at 1.20 euros for the canal fees. The deficit is to be made up by increasing the annual basic fee from the current 80 to 100 euros and the sewer fee from zero to 80 euros. "This means an increase of 9.16 euros per month for each household", stated the mayor. Half of the deficit will be borne by the municipality.
For the fire department the acquisition of a team bus is planned. Concerns about the kneipanlage, the water supply is too low. On the project "blooming district the municipality of ermershausen is also involved in the project. Attention should be paid to cleanliness at the playground, and the head of the community appealed to dog owners.
Pfeiffer also spoke of the marker hikes, which had been well received. The mayor called for participation in the commemoration of remembrance day. It is possible to participate in the burger bus of the municipality of bundorf. However, interest is first to be ascertained here. Pfeiffer called for building in ermershausen, since there are moderate land prices here and the infrastructure is suitable. With a comprehensive thanks to all who contributed to the community, he concluded his remarks.
During the discussion, the desolate condition of the former school was addressed. Herbert engmann: "it looks like a rat hole there." The school is privately owned and attempts have already been made to get the owner to do something positive, the mayor said.
Whether a bypass road for ermershausen is still possible at some point was asked. This matter has been downgraded, pfeiffer explained, and it is not foreseeable when or if anything will be done about it.
The people of ermershausen are also concerned about the preservation of the bank branch and the ATM.


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