False alarm: injured after panic at disneyland paris

False alarm: injured after panic at disneyland paris

Several people were slightly injured in a mass panic triggered by explosive noises at the disneyland paris amusement park on saturday evening.

It was a false alarm, the security forces had confirmed that there was no threat, the french interior ministry tweeted. The loud roars were reportedly generated by a broken conveyor belt or escalator. There had also been talk of shots and a possible attack on social networks. The local prefecture reported that some people were injured by the panic.

The incident took place in the disney village business zone in the park located east of paris, as reported by news channel BFMTV. Visitors were therefore temporarily not allowed to leave the stores in the business zone, as security forces were checking the situation. However, the police operation on the land was terminated in the evening. On sunday, the amusement park was running again as usual, as reported by the french news agency AFP.

A 38-year-old eyewitness told AFP that some of the spectators had hidden behind cash registers. It lasted about five minutes. "Everyone thought it was an attack." Police were everywhere. However, no one explained what was going on. "We did not know what had happened."

Disneyland paris has attracted more than 320 million visitors since it opened in 1992, according to figures released last year. According to its own earlier statements, disneyland paris accounts for a good six percent of french tourism revenues and employs 16,000 people.

France is always on alert after an unprecedented wave of islamist terrorism. Just over three months ago, a strabburger opened fire in his hometown; five people were ultimately dragged to their deaths. The terrorist militia islamic state (IS) had claimed the crime for itself.

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