Fbi stops data platform megaupload

Fbi stops data platform megaupload

The founder, formerly known as kim schmitz, and several trusted associates were arrested in new zealand.

The attack was followed by an exchange of blows on the internet: net activists from the anonymous movement shut down websites of the US federal bureau of investigation, the US department of justice and the music industry. A lawyer for the megaupload operators denied the accusations against kim schmitz.

U.S. Authorities accuse megaupload operators of massive copyright infringements using the file-sharing platform. The FBI arranged for the arrest of three germans and one dutchman after the indictment in the U.S. In coatesville, north of auckland, 70 officers searched the home of the megaupload operators. According to police, six million new zealand dollars (about 3.7 million euros) worth of valuables and money were seized there. Among them were luxury cars including rolls-royce phantom and several paintings. In addition, funds of tens of millions of new zealand dollars were seized.

The founder of megaupload is kim schmitz, a native of kiel, germany, who changed his name to kim dotcom and is "also known as kim tim jim vestor," according to the u.S. Department of justice. The 37-year-old with german and finnish citizenship last lived in hong kong and new zealand. In total, seven suspects were charged in the u.S. State of virginia, where megaupload operated a server. German statsburgers made up the top management of the platform.

At megaupload data of all kind could be uploaded and then also accessed by other users. According to the accusations of the U.S. Authorities, this also included illegally copied music, films, television programs and digital books in rough style. According to the indictment, this was done with the knowledge of the operators, who even encouraged pirates to upload the files. The platform kino, which was launched in germany last year, was also shut down.To is said to have used services from megaupload. Megaupload had, according to its own information, more than 180 million registered users.

Megaupload made more than $175 million in illegal profits and caused well over half a billion dollars in damages to the rightful owners of the content, the justice department said. Money laundering is another accusation. Two rifles were seized on the land. The north shore district judge declined to release the arrestees on bail. They are due to appear in court again on monday. It is about an extradition to the USA.

A U.S. Attorney for the megaupload operators told the online service "CNET" that the accusations were false. "We don’t think megaupload has done anything wrong in terms of copyrights," stressed ira rothken, who had already defended against accusations of copyright infringement in other cases. The U.S. Government has taken one of the largest internet storage providers off the net without giving it the opportunity to respond in court.

Megaupload had in the past repeatedly denied accusations that the service was primarily used for the illegal exchange of protected content. Rights holders had the option of using an online form to report copyright infringement and have the files in question deleted. However, investigators argue that such requests were systematically disregarded.

After the raid, hackers covered the websites of the FBI and the U.S. Department of justice with so-called DDOS attacks. The web servers are being flooded with large numbers of pointless data requests and are thus paralyzed. The websites were unavailable for several hours. On twitter, anonymous activists called the attacks revenge for the strike against megaupload. Also attacked were sites of the american music industry association RIAA and the music market leader universal music. According to anonymous, it was the largest attack to date with at least 5600 participants.

The escalation came just one day after a protest campaign by net activists against a tightening of copyright laws in the u.S. The new laws are to allow, among other things, the blocking of websites. Critics warn that this will create a censorship infrastructure that could also be used in other cases. In protest, the english-language online encyclopedia wikipedia, among other things, was unavailable for a day.

In this respect, the timing of the raid by the U.S. Authorities is interesting – because now the FBI and the department of justice have also successfully struck on the basis of today’s laws. It is unclear what will happen to the data of habitual megaupload users who have stored their files there.

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