Feat of strength with a happy ending: german eight world champion

feat of strength with a happy ending: german eight world champion

In the finish area, there was still not enough energy for exuberant jubilation, but a few minutes later at the award ceremony, the huns from the german eight loved to celebrate their feelings.

Fervently and with their hands on their hearts, they sang the national anthem and enjoyed the magical moment to the fullest. The sovereign start-finish victory at the world championships in plovdiv ahead of the australians and british crowned a season of superlatives. "We showed the rowing world and pushed ourselves to the limit in the first 1500 meters," said stroke man hannes ocik (schwerin) proudly.

With the final show of strength, the crew remained undefeated in all finals this year. And, as with winning the european title in glasgow at the beginning of august, sticking to the tried and true paid off. For the first time in the glorious history of the german parade boat, it was possible to successfully defend the world championship title with the same crew. With shining eyes, johannes weibenfeld (herdecke) recalls the event: "i always had the feeling that no one in the boat doubted for a second that we would pull it off."

Once again, the series winners proved their exceptional position. They were already comfortably ahead at the 500-meter mark and fended off all their competitors’ attempts without a hitch as the race progressed. In the end, the lead over the australians and brits was half a boat’s length. The fastest from the USA even had to settle for fourth place. Coach uwe bender seemed perfectly happy: "we never came under pressure and ran our own race. It went as planned."

From the german point of view, the overall result in the 14 olympic classes was only slightly better than at the title races in sarasota a year ago, with one gold and one silver each. There, the winning eight had provided the only german medal. With a view to tokyo 2020, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Unlike the eight, the women’s double sculls failed to win the world championship title at the end of a successful season. The joy of the favored team around the leading lady frieda hammerling (kiel) over the silver medal was in the end greater than the frustration over the lost gold. "There was simply no way to beat the poles in this regatta," commented marie-catherine arnold from hanover, who finished second on saturday, one boat length behind the superior team from poland. Together with her teammates, she smiled and posed for a photo with IOC president thomas bach after the medal ceremony. "They enjoyed silver like gold. They’ve earned it," said the celebrity world cup guest.

Oliver zeidler was not able to improve the balance, however. The 22-year-old rowing shooting star from ingolstadt, who switched from swimming to rowing just two years ago and surprisingly made it to the final at his world championship debut, had to settle for sixth place. "I arrived here in a form that could have made me world champion. But that was blown away by the wind today," complained zeidler, referring to the sideways shifting wind that was blowing against him. "I couldn’t keep up with the rough guys there."Annekatrin thiede (leipzig) did not get any further than last place in the final skiff race.

A better DRV record was achieved in the non-olympic competitions. The lightweight men’s double sculls and jason osborne (mainz) in the lightweight one were victorious and the lightweight women’s double sculls finished third.


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