Festivities postponed, new courses start in fall

festivities postponed, new courses start in fall

The 35th anniversary of the ebern music school is a cause for celebration, but with a heavy heart, those responsible had to close the fur 9. May planned "open door" day and the preceding "week of open lessons" or "open rehearsals postpone. But postponed is not canceled. The festivities will take place at a later date, says principal kristina renner. "We will inform in due time."

Lessons continue

Even if no personal lessons could take place in the music school in the last weeks, the teachers and students are active. Despite the current exit restrictions and school closures, lessons can be continued online via various digital solutions and channels for most students.

Everyone is doing their best. At the moment we do not know when we will be able to resume regular lessons", so racer. She appeals to the loyalty to the music school ebern: "help the music school through this extremely precarious time for all cultural workers and continue to support them", appeals kristina renner.

Instrument carousel

The music school is already announcing a new course starting in september – the instrument carousel. "The instrumental carousel is a continuing offer within the framework of basic musical education. For children with no previous musical knowledge, it is the introduction to the diverse world of music and instrumental lessons", explains kristina renner.

In the instrument carousel, all instruments that can also be learned at the music school are systematically tried out over the course of a school year.

Each child in the group has an instrument at his or her disposal. Playfully, the approach, air guidance, finger technique and tone production are learned, the first tones and melodies are created and music theory content such as note names, note values and dynamic designations are implemented. The instrument carousel makes it easier to get started with instrumental lessons, helps students decide which instrument is right for them and awakens their desire to learn an instrument. The course lasts one year and takes place in group lessons with a maximum of eight children.

Furthermore, the music school announces that the registration deadline for all subjects for the school year 2020/21 has been changed to 31 december 2011. July is postponed. Interested parties are asked to register as soon as possible. "First come, first served", according to the principal. 

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