Fire and flame for history

Fire and flame for history

On the day of german unification, a hint of smoke was over the medieval market in the main street of burgpreppach and in the courtyard of the castle. Everywhere open fires were blazing, like at the "master franz, the blacksmith" or at the campfire, bartiger gesellen, who gathered around the fire.

For the sixth time, renate vielhuber and her team had invited to a medieval market on the occasion of the kirchweih in burgpreppach, where you can still stroll today, saturday, and tomorrow sunday. More than 20 stalls are spread along the main street and in the courtyard, where you can buy drinks, food, books, clothes, leather goods, weapons and skins of all kinds.

Saddlery and a wagner complete the offer. In the courtyard the children can have their make-up done. They hear other dialects such as upper bavarian or swabian and can thus be assigned to the fierants. At some stands it is even possible to pay with EC-card.

Music and dialect

The trio "basaraisser" entertained musically on the holiday in the gutshof with songs in swabian dialect. Behind the castle pond was a rough medieval tent camp set up, where the lively people romped around and also spent the weekend there. Today, saturday, from 10 a.M. To 4 p.M., a tournament in bow pushing will take place on this land, organized by the "schlossbergschutzen" of the SV bischwind a. R. Align. Participants can either shoot with a club bow or bring a bow themselves. Members of the schlossbergschutzen instruct in the art of bow pushing.

In the marquee the "schwappier gasslesgeicher" entertain in the evening. With a fire show at the lake around 20.30 o’clock the saturday is finished. On sunday, the people of burgpreppach celebrate harvest thanksgiving as well as the church fair. Therefore, at 9.45 o’clock a procession with harvest crown to both churches, where afterwards services are held. Early pint and lunch in the marquee followed, before the full program continues in the afternoon

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