First bowling tournament at the kronach retirement home

First bowling tournament at the kronach retirement home

Now it's official: the lucas cranach senior citizens' home has its own bowling alley. And not the usual one, where you have to bend down deep, but a wooden one, standing on legs, portable and easy to take apart.

Even wheelchair users can bowl at the senior bowling alley. Because the lane is so high that it could be operated even while sitting down. "We have now first tested the bowling alley with the residents. Because that's what we always do before we buy something", says home manager harald klier. But the residents of the lucas cranach home like bowling. They also like it better than bowling at a game console or something similar. Because the wooden ball lies well in the hand. And the seniors really get excited when the wooden cones fall over with a clatter.

Training for the tournament
In the past weeks the seniors tried out the lane again and again and trained a little bit for the tournament.

And now they held their first bowling tournament: everyone tried hard, but the skittles didn't always fall the way the residents wanted them to. The skittles are made of wood and actually fall easily. And the director of the home was of course also present at the tournament. "Oh dear, oh dear, I still have to exercise, now they are better than I am", the director of the home sighed and took the fact calmly that many a resident of the home brought more skittles to fall than he did.

A nice change
The very best result was achieved by christine hummel. She scored 13 points – even though she is already 83 years old. "But I never used to bowl", the resident was happy and couldn't get enough. "But I have always been sporty", tells christine hummel and is very pleased. Earlier she was an ace in gymnastics. "Now I also do gymnastics, she reports. "And I only bowled once," she says, says the 83-year-old.

But two others from living area funf were close on her heels: anna beranek and hilmar pozelt were not bad either with twelve points. Together they all took the proud trophy. And waltraud wolrath and co-worker heidi kendziora were also on the winning team.

Anna beranek (87) knows all about bowling. "I used to clean the clubhouse and watch all the time. But I never played", anna beranek says with a laugh, never dreaming that she would take up a new sport at the age of 87. "But I like it already. That's a change of pace", anna beranek is also in good spirits. And the two winning women infect the second placed hilmar pozelt with their good mood. "I have been fetched. And I said, "this has to work," says hilmar pozelt, who at 71 is still one of the younger ones.

But at the first bowling tournament in the lucas cranach house there were also participants who had always been enthusiastic bowlers in the past. In the winning team, waltraud wolrath (86) still remembers that bowling used to take place in the taverns. "We have always gone to friends in the economy in the water lane. There was bowling and we gave it a try", wolrath is now happy about this new opportunity.

It's really fun
And also the staff of the lucas cranach senior citizens home and the home manager harald klier are enthusiastic about how much fun the seniors had with the new lane. Even mayor wolfgang beiergroblein was infected by the joy – and donated another 150 euro. "This can be invested in the bowling alley again", so klier.

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