Folk festival financing: sandkerwa should remain an open festival

folk festival financing: sandkerwa should remain an open festival

"Flawless, we work hand in hand!" Horst feulner praises the cooperation between the burgerverein sand and the congress+event gmbh bamberg, which has been in place since 2018. The turbulences that led to the cancellation of the sandkerwa in 2017 have already been overcome since last year, says the managing director of the company. In 2018, both partners succeeded in continuing the traditional church festival in bamberg's oldest part of town.

Even the rescue parachute that the city had promised in the form of a solid euro subsidy did not have to be opened up: "we closed 2018 with a black zero, we didn't need a single euro from the city, feulner is pleased.

So that it can end so happily this year and in the future, the sandkerwa-maker makes an urgent appeal to those who want to celebrate: "buy the festival badge"!" It is only a small amount, but with a big effect. Because the sale of the festival badge for four euros per copy forms one of the three financing pillars. The other two, he said, were the standing fees of the operators and the contributions from sponsors. "We want, as long as it is possible, the sand kerwa without entrance, it should remain an open festival for all", emphasizes horst feulner.

In addition to financing, the burning issue of security is also one of the kerwa manager's tasks, while the burgerverein takes care of the traditional aspects. "Safety is the decisive factor" according to feulner. This year there is also a comprehensive security concept, which was developed in cooperation with the public order department of the city of bamberg, the police, the fire department, the red cross and the disaster control.

Small stage on the katzenberg

As in the previous year, there will be protective chicanes on the streets in the lange strabe, the schweinfurter strabe and, for the first time, on markusplatz, which will make it impossible for vehicles to pick up speed and thus endanger festival visitors. A strong contingent of security personnel will carry out checks on the main access routes, i.E. Look into backpacks and bags to ensure "that no one brings things to the kerwa that have no place there", managing director feulner asks for understanding.

Anyone who carries high-proof alcohol, for example, must know "that it will be taken away from him". This also applies to young people, who were not served alcohol by the landlords anyway.

Horst feulner draws attention to two changes: the inner courtyard of geyersworth castle is no longer used as a ceremonial site because of the construction site. And at the catzenberg there will again be a small stage with live music at the request of the people. The former rough stage had to give way because of strong audience and thus safety risk in the past years. This year, in coordination with the relevant authorities, another attempt to "open the space for escape routes".

Preparations for the festive season are now complete. Currently, the sand area is being decorated and equipped with the stands. The sandkerwa will begin on wednesday at 7 p.M. With a church service in the church of st. Elisabeth, whose consecration will take place on the 24th. August 1354 forms the basis for the firm in the sand in the first place. The celebrant is bjorn wagner, a pastor in munich who comes from the bamberg cathedral parish and is standing in for cathedral pastor markus kohmann.


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