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How to get energy from the sun or warmth, and will it be able to fully replace traditional energy sources such as oil or coal?? In addition to the well-known renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar energy, the following section presents other possibilities for generating energy.

Energy from biomass

Bioenergy is the all-conquering renewable energy source. The process produces heat, electricity and fuel from solid, liquid and gaseous biomass. In germany, wood is the most important source of energy. But also specially cultivated plants such as corn, grass, wheat or rapeseed are used. In addition, organic residues such as biowaste, manure, solid manure and waste and used wood are being used. It is also possible to generate heat in private households with biofuels, namely with the help of a pellet heating system.

Warmth from the bowels of the earth

Thermal energy stored beneath the earth's solid surface is tapped by drilling and used to generate electricity, heat and cold energy. The potential of geothermal energy (earth heat) is estimated to be enormously high. However, the necessary drilling methods are still very costly at present.

From water to electricity

In the meantime, electricity is mainly generated from hydroelectric power. Especially in the south of germany, hydropower offers great potential, as the foothills of the alps offer favorable conditions. Nevertheless, hydropower is not without its drawbacks. To generate energy, large dams must usually be built, which can damage flora and fauna and also have a negative impact on the appearance of nature.

Even though the energy transition is an important development, it must be remembered that such a change cannot happen overnight. Major infrastructural changes are needed, and despite all the advantages offered by renewable energies, the disadvantages must not be overlooked. According to the german federal environment agency, 36 percent of electricity in germany was generated from renewable energy sources in 2017. There has been a significant increase in this area in recent years. Whether renewables will be able to fully replace traditional energy sources in the future cannot be predicted with certainty at this time. But the next few years will show. 

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