Franco a. Must now go to court after all on suspicion of terrorism

Franco a. Must now go to court after all on suspicion of terrorism

Franco A, a soldier in the german armed forces. Must now stand trial on terror charges after all. As the frankfurt higher regional court announced on , the charge of preparing a serious act of violence endangering the state was admitted by a decision of the federal court of justice.

Previously, the newspapers of the funke media group had reported that. A date for the trial before the higher regional court has not yet been set.

Franco A, a native of offenbach, germany. Sab in custody for a good half year from the end of april 2017. He is accused of planning an attack out of right-wing extremist sentiments. According to the report, he wanted to draw suspicion to refugees – and had therefore registered himself under a false identity as an asylum seeker from syria.

According to the federal prosecutor’s office’s earlier presentation, the attack should thus be perceived as an act of radical islamist terrorism. The case had made many headlines. Franco A. Is still a soldier in the federal armed forces, but is not allowed to wear a uniform.

According to the indictment brought by the federal prosecutor’s office at the end of 2017, which has now been admitted, lieutenant franco A. In his notes, politicians such as today’s aubenminister heiko maas (SPD), bundestag vice president claudia roth (grune) or human rights activist and journalist anetta kahane were intended as targets for the attack.

He is accused of having obtained, among other things, a G3 semi-automatic rifle, pistols, more than 1000 rounds of ammunition and more than 50 explosive devices. The federal prosecutor’s office accuses franco A. He is also accused of violating the war weapons control act, the weapons and explosives act, theft and fraud.

The frankfurt higher regional court had initially seen no sufficient suspicion of terrorism and dismissed the indictment against franco A. Unregistered in mid-2018. Against this, the attorney general had gone to the federal court of justice. Franco A. Ware otherwise charged in the district court of darmstadt for less serious offenses. According to the penal code, the preparation of a serious act of violence posing a threat to the state can be punished with up to ten years in prison.

"That franco A. Now, after all, can be charged with a serious state-threatening act of violence, is very much to be buried," declared the grunen faction vice chairman konstantin von notz. "Right-wing terrorist structures must be resolutely uncovered and fought against."

It was not until mid-september that a friend of franco A. Convicted by gieben regional court of storing federal army ammunition and explosive devices for him. According to the judges, he took over the items in april 2017 in offenbach and stored them in his room in a student dormitory in friedberg, hesse.

Man appeals his sentence of one year imprisonment on probation. He had confessed to smuggling the ammunition and the explosives for franco A. To have kept in custody – but he wants to have thought nothing of it. Franco A. Had made use of his right not to testify in the trial in order not to incriminate himself.

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